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Board Certified Mexico Dentists Association 
Did You Know Board Certified Dentists in Mexico..

1. Cost the same as far- less trained, non-certified dentists.
2. Can save you 50 - 75% on your major dental work. 
3. Are trained in all the American Dental Association dental specialist procedures. 
4. Have the advanced skills and experience dental tourism patients need
    from root canals and crowns to dental implants and oral restorations.

If visiting Mexico for important dental work...

It's good to understand the difference between Board Certified Dentists & non-certified dentists in Mexico...

    • Certified and Board Certified Dentists in Mexico attend specialist college another 2-6 years beyond basic dental college. Board Certified dentists have passed additional Board Exams for their specialties. Compared with certified dentists - they are like lawyers who passed the bar exams.  And surprisingly, in Mexico they typically cost no more than less-skilled non-certified general dentists.  
    • General  dentists (non-certified) are trained for cleanings, filling, drilling and normal non-surgical extractions. In Mexico they can attempt  dental implants, root canals, dental makeovers -  learning on-the-job at the patient's expense (and peril).  Non-certified dentists comprise the vast majority of the dentists advertising for dental tourists in Mexico. Many call themselves "specialists." 

From The LA Times

"One has to wonder why so many  American patients end up in the chairs of less-skilled  general  dentists who cost the same as the more highly-skilled board certified dentists in Mexico."   

We couldn't have said it better ourselves...  



Board Certified Mexico Dental Association offers you the finest service without additional cost ~

  • 2 decades experience assisting patients
  • Fully accredited Board Certified Mexico Dentists 
  • Patient Advisers who are doctors and & dentists, not call center reps
  • Free  Consultations, Estimates, 2nd Opinions, Free Credentials Checks 
  • Gratis clinic transportation in many locales 
  • No dental tourism agency broker fees
  • Guarantees backed by our Association

    Read this message from Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association Presidente' Carla H. Sanchez:

    BCMD Presidente'



    Our  Board  Certified Dentists in Mexico are committed to the art and science of dentistry  and almost all have  attended  additional years in dental specialist colleges to  become  experts in their fields.   

    You will be pleased  to know  that we  have   certified  dentists   throughout  Mexico  including   popular  Mexico  dental  travel destinations.

    Our staff will work with you every step of the way - answering questions in English, helping select the right dentist for your specific needs, provide estimates, referrals and Mexican dental travel information without cost to you.

    We look forward to being of assistance.


    Carla  H. Sanchez                                                                                                                                              
    Presidente'  2016-2017
    Board Certified Mexico Dental Association 
    Director, Certified Dentists Internationale

    Dental Associations Recommend

    The  American AND Mexican Dental Associations   both agree that...

    Mexico Dental Tourism Patients should always select a Board Certified Dentist for the best results.

    Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale'


    For Superior Medical Tourism World wide - Visit our new Certified Doctors & Dentists Internationale' site. 

    Whether you want cosmetic dentistry OR bariatric by-pass surgery abroad  -  you will find the world's best Board Certified medical and dental professionals here. 


    FIND Board Certified Dentists in Los Cabos (Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo)  Cancun,  Guadalajara, Acapulco,  Los Algodones, Mazatlan, Mexico City, Monterrey, Juarez, Mexicali, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana, San Carlos, Veracruz and other locales in Mexico.

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