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Find a certified dentist in Bangkok - Hong Kong - Manila - Seoul - Shanghai - Singapore - India - Bali for dental implants, oral restoration, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and more at affordable prices.

  • Find a fully accredited  Board Certified English speaking dentist  in Bangkok Thailand, Manila Philippines,  Hong Kong  and other  great Asia  dental   holidays   destinations.  
  • Contact  us  for  free   estimates   and  board certified  dentist   referrals  for  affordable  dental implants, oral restoration crown,  veneers,  mini  implants,  oral  surgery,  cosmetic  dentistry, orthodontics  and  other  specialties. 
  • Our  board   certified  dentists  in  Asia  offer  virtually   all   the   American, U.K, Australia and New Zealand Dental Associations recognized advanced dental specialties. 

                                    Board Certified Asia Dental Assn.

  Enjoy a dental holiday abroad while saving $1,000's on your dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, crowns & veneers!

  • Having your dentistry in  Asia  performed  by one of our Board Certified Dentists assures you of  the  kind  of professional dental work you'd expect to find back "home" but at a fraction of the price.   
  • Many  of  our Association dentists in Asia have trained or worked in the UK,  USA  or  Australia  and  all  have    had  years of additional specialist training beyond basic dental college. 

With  a  Board  Certified  Dentist  in  Asia  you   will be assured  of  having  the  very   best  dental  care.       

Our   member   dentists   are certified  in  the  procedures  most dental  tourism patients  are  looking  for from crowns and veneers to dental implants, cosmetic dentistry & oral restoration.  

Board Certified Asia Dental Association
Jack from Australia saved over 65% on porcelain crowns!

"My   dentist  in  Sydney  wanted  to charge  me  $7,000. for  my  crowns.     I had it done by a certified dentist in Manila for $2,400..."

You Can Save up to  75%  on  high  quality  crowns, veneers,  cosmetic  dentistry, dental  makeovers, oral surgery and dental implants while enjoying a fabulous dental holiday in Asia!

 Board Certified Asia Dental Association

Our  Association  member  dentists  in  Asia  are   exclusively Board  Certified   Dentists  for  your  assurance  of   receiving the highest  quality dentistry.

Let  us  show  you   how  easy  it  is  to  take  an  Asian  dental holiday   and  Save Up To 75%  on  your  important  dental procedures.


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Bangkok  and   Manila  dental clinics are the  most  popular dental tourism destinations in  Asia.

Board Certified Asia Dental Association
Philippine folk dancers. Visit our Asia Dental Holiday Photos page to see more.

Experience   new   cultures   on   your   Asian   dental holiday!

Between  your dental  appointments  you  will  have  time  to explore exotic   beaches,   villages,   bazaars,  exciting   new cities, ancient temples,  go  sport  shopping  in  designer  malls stocked with  Asia and  Western  fashions  or  just  relax  by  a pool. 

You’ll   bring   home  many  wonderful  memories  and  a  bright new smile!  

Manila Casino

Manila rivals Macau and Las Vegas for entertainment and gambling.with the recent opening of a billion dollar "Entertainment Island" adjacent to Manila's waterfront. 

Board Certified Bangkok Dentist

Thailand dental holidays. 

Board Certified Asia Dental Association,Philippine Beach

Boracay Beach in the Philippines has been rated the most beautiful beach in the world by Travel & Leisure Magazine. 

Find out how easy it is to get a beautiful new smile and contact us today!

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