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What’s new in Board Cam 2.1.8

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 14 jul. 2017 4:13 por Juan Luis Herrera Cortijo   [ actualizado el 14 jul. 2017 4:15 ]

Ready for 64 bits devices.

Improved recording.

Removed video resolution selector. Now, videos are always recorded at the highest video resolution allowed by your device.

Bugs fixed.

What's new in version 2.1.3

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 4 feb. 2013 8:28 por Juan Luis Herrera Cortijo

All Devices

The mute switch in the recording panel configuration has been replaced by a new "record audio" switch. Also, the default setting now is audio recording on.

Now the device will not autolock while using Board Cam. This way you can leave the app unattended while explaining things to your audience and the screen will not become black.

Ready for iOS 6.1


All orientations supported.

Bug fixed 

The interface rotated while recording.

What's new in version 2.1.2

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 9 ene. 2013 12:01 por Juan Luis Herrera Cortijo

I have updated the app to work with all the great stuff that Apple has released: Board Cam is now ready for iOS 6 for the iPad Mini and for the large screen of the iPhone 5 and of the iPod touch 5th generation.

But that's not all, I have improved some old features: 
  • Now the freeze is faster and the frozen image matches exactly the image on the screen.
  • The permanent pointers were a bit annoying while writing. I have fixed it in a way that the permanent pointers can be created only while you are in pointers or connected pointers mode. But you can delete them in any mode.
I have added some new features:

  • Eraser: this is one of the most requested features. Yes, now you can erase your drawing with the new eraser tool.
  • Focus lock: now you can turn on and off the autofocus of the back camera. This is perfect if you are writing on a paper.
  • Detail and wide view selector: now you can select directly on the toolbar if you see a wider area from your back camera input but with lower resolution or a more detailed area but with higher resolution.
I have introduced some features missing on the iPhone. Now there are a couple of additional toolbars to host:
  • The undo and redo buttons! Yeah! Now you can undo and redo your drawings on the iPhone too.
  • A slide to change the size of the pointers, of the eraser and the width of the drawing lines.

What's coming in version 2.1

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 11 mar. 2012 13:26 por Juan Luis Herrera Cortijo

Here we go again! A new version of Board Cam is already sent to the App Store and I expect that it will be accepted this week.

This new version comes with great changes and new features both for the Full version and for the LITE version. I hope that you'll enjoy the new features as much I have done designing them.

Name and icon changes

The first thing that I have done in this version is to rename the apps. Now Board Cam LITE will be named Board Cam Standard and Board Cam will be named Board Cam Pro.

The new names responds to a marked strategy change. The standard version will come with basic functionality by default and will allow you to purchase any other additional feature of your interest. The Pro version, as always, will continue including any future enhancement without additional cost.

In-App Purchases in the standard version (the former LITE version)

You like Board Cam, but you don't want all the features of the Pro version. Well, from now on you can customize your app by purchasing only those featured that may interest you. Have a look at the great features of the in-app store.

Use Video Streaming as a Source

To boldly go where no other document camera has gone before...

Now you can use other cameras because now you can use video streaming in your presentations. No matter if it’s a video stream found in the Internet or if it comes from a local webcam connected to a computer. As long as the stream is compatible with the Apple's HTTP Live Streaming protocol you can use it as a source in your presentations.

As always you can draw, use labels, pointer, etc. Recording is the only feature not currently available when using video streaming.

I have tested the application with two third-party apps Evocam and EvoLV. Both apps allow to stream the video image from a camera connected to a computer. In all cases I received the video stream in Board Cam from the iSight web cam of my Mac. It works using Wifi, 3G and both in local and remote networks.

Use the front camera

Yes, now you can use the front camera of your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. And you can freeze the image, record, interact, etc. The only thing that you can't do is change between the front and back camera in the middle of a video recording.

Digital Zoom

Need a even closer look with your camera? No problem. Now you can apply a digital zoom to the output of the device's camera. For now, video recording will not be available when you are applying a zoom different from 1x.

Interface improvements

With all the new features I have run out of space in the bottom toolbar of Board Cam for iPad. So I have added another toolbar at the top of the screen. 

And to open the top bar I have included a set of controls to quick change the aspect of your pointers and your hand-drawing. 

Also the good-old hide button has gone and is replaced by a nice tab in each toolbar that allows you to hide the bars independently. In Board Cam for iPhone those tabs are included too and now the toolbars can be hidden.

What's new in version 2.0

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 7 ene. 2012 1:24 por Juan Luis Herrera Cortijo   [ actualizado el 28 ene. 2012 0:27 ]

Board Cam becomes universal!
In version 2.0 Board Cam becomes an universal app and from now on is also available for the iPhone 4S users! And best of all, the iPhone version is completely FREE for those who already have the iPad version. 

Board Cam is available also for other iPhone models and for the iPod touch models with integrated camera, but the external video output feature is not available in these devices.

New features in Board Cam for iPad

  • Freeze: Now, while using Board Cam in video camera mode, you can freeze the video image and continue interacting with it. This feature is also available for video recording  and you can save the frozen snapshot in your session. 
  • Customizable whiteboard color: now your whiteboard will become a "colorboard" because you can customize its background color. 
  • Quick color pickers: now you have 5 customizable color slots to quickly pick the color of your pointers, lines, labels or your whiteboard. You can define a different set of colors for each of those features. 

Interface improvements in Board Cam for iPad

The interface has been modified to better fit the new features and to improve the work-flow.

  • The color selectors have been detached from the setting panel and now have their own button right in the toolbar. 
  • The recording options and the help have been integrated in the settings panel. 
  • The record button now starts and stops recording and you no longer need to open a panel to do that. 
  • Simplified save session panel.
  • Minor aesthetic and user experience improvements. 

What comes in Board Cam for iPhone and iPod touch?

Board Cam for iPhone and iPod touch comes with almost all the features of the iPad version
  • Fully customizable pointers, connected pointers, permanent pointers, hand drawing and labels. 
  • Interact with the video camera image, an image chosen from your photo library or a whiteboard. 
  • Prepare your labels and store them for later use. 
  • Save your contents for later use. 
  • Video and audio recording. 
  • Freeze.
  • External video output only for iPhone 4S.

What's not included in Board Cam for iPhone and iPod touch?

Although I wanted to include all the features of the iPad version, simply there was not enough room in the screen for all of them. So, the following features are NOT available for now in the iPhone/iPod touch:
  • Undo and redo the drawing sequence.
  • Hide controls.

what's new in version 1.3.7

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 24 oct. 2011 21:41 por Juan Luis Herrera Cortijo

Fixed poiters

While using the pointers tool, you can double tap anywhere on the screen to leave a pointer fixed at that point. You can create as many fixed pointers as you want. You can delete any fixed pointer at any time just tapping once on it.

what's new in version 1.3.5

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 24 oct. 2011 21:40 por Juan Luis Herrera Cortijo


Board Cam 1.3.5 includes a completely new way of using the app. Now you can use Board Cam as a whiteboard too. All the interaction tools are available in this mode so you can draw, stick labels or use pointers on the whiteboard.

Resizable labels

This is another great feature of Board Cam 1.3.5. Now you can resize the labels simply pinching or panning on them. And, what's better, the text resizes too.

Video recording in all modes

In the previous versions of Board Cam, video and audio recording where available only in video camera mode. Now you can record videos while using the whiteboard or drawing over a picture imported from your device's photo library. What's better, video recording has been greatly improved and now your videos will be smoother.

Better performance when writing and drawing

Previous versions of Board Cam included the possibility of hiding the toolbar by double taping on the screen. I realized that this interferes when one tries to write on the screen. Therefore, to improve the user experience, now the toolbar is hidden and shown using buttons. This makes drawing a lot smoother.

iOS 5

Of course Board Cam is ready for iOS 5.

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