setting up your presentation

Using Board Cam to make a great live presentation is as easy as 1,2,3...


For the presentation you'll need:
  • Your iPad or your iPhone with Board Cam installed on it. 
  • If you are going to make a live presentation you'll need an appropriate video adapter compatible with your iPad/iPhone 4S and a video cable. Here I'll suppose that this is the case.
  • Something to show (here I'm using a shell from my collection). 
  • A stand. The stand will help you to tilt the iPad/iPhone 4S to an angle in which the device's camera is focusing on the closer part of the table surface and you can reach comfortably with your hands. This way you have your hands free to do whatever you want in front of the camera and I can reach and manipulate it comfortably.
    For a great, safe and professional-looking stand hav look at the 21st Class iPad 2 Stand. For a home-made solution you can use a bookrest with as much empty room behind it as you can. I find quite suitable those bookrests that are similar to easels.

The setup

First, stand the bookrest on the table and place your iPad/iPhone 4S on it. Be very careful of not unbalancing the bookrest in any moment, your device could fall and result damaged.

Make sure that the device's camera is located in the upper part of your setup, this will result in a better visual field. Also check that there aren't obstacles that could interpose between the camera and whatever you want to show.

Second, if you are making a live presentation, connect your device to a video output 

Third, place whatever you want to show in the device's camera range. You can let it rest and draw, point, stick labels as usual with Board Cam. But also you have your hands free and you can manipulate the objects with one hand will use Board Cam with the other.

For DIY lovers

Check this Facebook Photo Album from New Management about how to do a CamStand for the iPad from a legal size clipboard or watch this great video about how to do yourself a cheap stand for your iPad.

As you can see, setting up your live presentation with Board Cam is very easy and affordable. Don't wait any longer and get now Board Cam from the App Store and start making great live presentations.*AQzo&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826&

You need...

The setup...

(1) Place your iPad on a bookrest...

... (2) connect it to a video output and focus whatever you want...

... (3) and make a great presentation while you manipulate the objects