Tell me more about the discounts for education!

Discounts of apps can be obtained through the Apple's Volume Purchase Program. Please read more about it at

So, again... how do I get the image in my projector or my TV?

Board Cam uses the iPad and iPhone 4S video mirroring feature to put the image in a projector or a TV. So, any method compatible with the video mirroring feature of those devices should work. At the moment (and to the writer's knowledge) those methods are:

 1. If your projector has a VGA connector you'll need the proper adapter for video output that you can acquire from Apple and probably a cord extension to reach the projector's plug-in.

Here is a link to the Apple Store where you can find the adapter:

2. In case that you have a widescreen TV, a video projection screen, or other HDMI-compatible display, you'll need a HDMI adaptor and the corresponding cable extension. Here is the link for the adapter in the Apple Store: .

3. Finally, if you have an Apple TV of second generation, you can display the iPad 2 or the iPhone 4S screen on a video output attached to the Apple TV using AirPlay. Learn more about AirPlay in the iPad 2 and in the iPhone 4S

Can I use other cameras with Board Cam?

The answer is Yes and No.

As no other camera can be connected to the iPad, you can't use other camera directly with Board Cam (this is the no part) BUT you can use the Video Streaming source in Board Cam to show the image captured by other camera in your iPad (this is the YES part). For example:

you can show the video image from a camera that streams its video signal over the network using the Apple's HTTP Live Streaming protocol.


you can show the video image of a camera connected to your Mac and use a third-party video streaming server like Evocam or EvoLV  or other tool compatible with the Apple's HTTP Live Streaming protocol to stream the camera image over the network.