BVC Constitution


The Boalsburg Village Conservancy

P. O. Box 451

Boalsburg, PA 16827



Constitution (Revised)

Ratified January 31, 1995
Changes Approved October 10, 2015

Article I


Name. This organization shall be known as the BOALSBURG VILLAGE CONSERVANCY, sometimes for convenience herein (also) referred to as “the Conservancy.”


Article II


Purposes. Since the distinctive character of the Village of Boalsburg in Harris Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania, reflects the area’s rich historical heritage, the purposes of the Conservancy shall be:


1.      To help in preserving the historical and cultural resources of the village and the Township

2.      To stimulate awareness of and interest in this area’s historic past


Article III


Membership. The following shall be eligible for membership in the Conservancy:


1.      All residents of Harris Township, provided that any member, upon moving out of said township may continue his membership indefinitely.

2.      Any other person who indicates an interest in the purposes of the Conservancy.


There shall be no age limit for membership.


Article IV



1.      A board of nine directors shall constitute the executive body of the Conservancy, subject to ultimate control by the general membership.

2.      Initially three directors shall be elected for three-year terms, three for two years, and three for one year. Thereafter, at each annual meeting of the Conservancy, the members shall elect three directors for three-year terms to succeed those whose terms are expiring. A director shall serve no more than two consecutive terms, including any partial term.

3.      In the event of a vacancy due to death, resignation, or other cause, the remaining directors may elect a successor to serve until the next annual meeting, at which the membership shall elect a new director for the unexpired term.



Article V



1.      The directors, at their first meeting after each annual meeting of the general membership, shall elect from their group the following officers: a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The last two positions may be held by the same person.

2.      Each of said officers shall have the powers, duties, and responsibilities normally pertaining to their respective offices in similar public or voluntary organizations.

3.      The books of the treasurer shall be audited annually. The auditor(s) shall be appointed by the President.


Article VI


Committees. Standing committees or special committees may be created by vote of either the general membership or the directors. Members of such committees shall be appointed by the President with a concurring vote by the directors. No committee shall speak, act, or purport to act for the Conservancy in any matter without specific approval from the directors or the general membership.


Article VII


BOARD AND Membership Meetings.

1.      Regular Board meetings shall be held three or more times each year, or at such times as the directors may determine.

2.      The official Annual Meeting of the conservancy should be held in the autumn.

3.      At the Annual Meeting, a nominating committee shall present a list of nominees for three directors (or more if needed) to be elected at that time.

4.      Special meetings may be held at any time at the call of the President, or held upon request of any seven members.

5.      Notice of the Annual and any special meetings shall be mailed or emailed to all members at least five days in advance.

6.      At any Annual or special meeting, a quorum shall be fifteen members.


Article VIII



1.      Dues for the different classifications of membership in the Conservancy shall be established by the Board of Directors.

2.      The different classifications of membership are:

a.       Individual membership

b.      Family membership

c.       Life membership

d.      Honorary membership, which shall be bestowed upon an individual by the Directors in recognition of outstanding service to the Conservancy or the community. (There shall be no dues for honorary members.)




Article IX


Expenditures. Disbursements of funds of the organization shall be made by the Treasurer upon authorization by the Directors. Such authorization may be by vote in specific instances or by standing instructions and guidelines.


Article X


Amendments. This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote at any regular or special meeting of the membership, after written notice at least five days previously of the substance of any proposed amendment or amendments.




            The following appeared as Article XI in the original Constitution:


This constitution shall come into effect upon approval by the majority vote of Harris Township residents present at any meeting called by the Steering Committee which has been doing preparatory work hereon during the summer of 1973, notice of such meetings having been given to all persons who attended any of the prior meetings related hereto. At such a meeting, a nominating committee shall be set up to propose names for election of the initial nine directors, such elections to be held as soon thereafter as feasible.




Christopher Lee                                               June Gamble                            William L. Dulaney

Anita Bear                                           Ellinor Green                           Ruth Corter

Gwen G. Bunnell                                 Marjorie J. Dulaney                 Deloris A. Wallace

Richard M. Bunnell                             Nannie S. Corl                         Guy A. Ludington

Martha Johnson                                               David L. Wright                       Tom Irvin Gill

Louise J. Thomas                                 William F. Pohts


(Revisions approved by Board of Directors in 2014; ratified by Annual Meeting in October 2015:)

Cynthia Shaler                                     Harvey Manbeck                     Kenneth Hart
Maria Capparelli                                  Robert Cameron                      Doreen Diehl
Peter Ferretti                                        Bruce Lord