Bo Ai She: Chinese Mental Health Peer Support Organization

"Bo Ai She" is a mental health peer support organization. It was officially launched in September 2002. The establishment of Bo Ai She was initiated by a team of Chinese Mental Health Professionals who continues offering their support to the organization. All members of Bo Ai She are mental health consumers of Chinese ethnicity who are either survivors of or are recovering from mental health problems.

Vision: To promote the mental health of Chinese consumers and to ensure that they gain a healthy living.

Mission Statement: To create and promote an anti-discrimination attitude against the stigma of mental illnesses. To maintain, preserve and foster the rights of the Chinese mental health consumers. To Bring hopes to consumers and to assist them to instigate their utmost potentials.

Aims: Through weekly meetings and regular activities the consumers are able to:

  1. Share their recovery journey and support each other.

  2. Learn more about and increase their knowledge of mental health.

  3. Create a discrmination free and healthy community which helps their recovery.

  4. As a group of survivors, reflect the needs and the voices of the Chinese mental health consumers.

  5. Establish a resource network.

Target people

Our services are available to all Chinese mental health consumers (including families) regardless of your country of origin, religions or beliefs.

How to join

A referral can be made by your social worker or mental health professional. If you are currently using the mental health services, you can also make the referral by yourself, your family member or friend. After the referral has been made, you can join our activities and register as Bo Ai She's member.







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