Today, ND (Osmania university, Hyderabad) / BNYS graduates from various universities in India  are spread globally and are involved in diverse activities. BNYS DIRECTORY FORUM is an attempt to connect all these graduates and also to enable them to receive the latest updates / news in the field of Naturopathy and Yoga.

This will also be the first BNYS graduates’ online database where members will have access to various kind of information including information concerning graduates like their current workplace, designation, contact details etc. Since the power of a system lies in the number of graduates especially for representational activities, this kind of a database is the need of the hour. After all – “UNITED WE STAND & DIVIDED WE FALL!”

All those who have already enrolled in the directory are requested to encourage others who are yet to enroll. 

Also, updates / news from your side may be mailed which will be then considered by the moderators and based on the content will be put on this site in different categories.

You can access the details of enrolled members from the "Enrolled Members" link in the navigation.