2018 –    Government of the Republic of Croatia, Youth councilmember substitute
 2018 –    University of Zagreb, Rectorate, career guidance representative
 2017 –    University of Zagreb, Rectorate, adviser for student counselling
2016 – 2017   
University of Zagreb, Rectorate, adviser for students with disabilities
 2015 – 2016   Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagrebapprentice (clinical psychology)
Mentor: prof.dr.sc. Gordana Buljan Flander
    University of Zagreb, School of Medicine [evaluacije]
 2015 –   Fundamentals of Medical Skills – nastavnik
 2016 –   General medical competences – medical interns – lecturer
2016 – 2017   Brain, mind and art – from neuron to community –  – invited lectures
    University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing [evaluacije]
 2015   Communication skills, undergraduate level – lecturer (lectures and seminars)
2016 – 2017   Organizational psychology, graduate level – lecturer (seminars)
    University of Applied Health Sciences Zagreb [evaluacije]
 2018 –    Health psychology – assistant (seminars)
2016 – 2017 
  Basics of scientific research in nursing – lecturer (seminars)
    University of Zagreb, University Centre for Croatian Studies
 2016 – 2017   Qualitative research methods, graduate level – lecturer
 2012 – 2015   Perception, undergraduate level – student/lecturer (assistant)r
 2013 – 2015   Qualitative research methods, graduate level – student/lecturer (assistant)
 2013 – 2014   Cross–disciplinary perspectives on the analysis of culture, context & communication

Other experience:
2.2   Brain Awareness Week – conducting lectures and workshops for primary and secondary school [evaluacije]
        2017 ARF; The importance of the first 3 years
        2016 Brain – anatomy, development and functional organization
        2015 Emotional escape
        2014 Anatomy and functional subdivisions of the brain (Jan Homolak) & Social brain        
2.1   Gyrus, Student Society for Neuroscience Journal, University of Zagreb School of Medicine
        2017 – advisory board member
        2016 – reviewer
        2014 – 2015. associate editor
1.0   member of the Psychology Students Association – ‘Feniks’  president (2014 – 2015)
1.3   Psychology in Practice (PuP) expert meeting - round tables and short lectures regarding career options, job responsibilities and requirements in applied psychology
        2015 – organizing committee president
        2014 – organizing committee member
        2013 – organizing committee member
1.2   Contribution to the goals achievement and club interests
        – initiator of the NeuroJazz project – medical and psychology students guided neuroscience discussions;
        – author of the ‘Student presentations – preparation and presenting (CRO)’ manual (2012);
        – host of the presentation skills workshops (2012);
        – ''MTG'' (2011) public speaking course host (attitude forming and change, persuasion skills, metacognition, presentation skills, coping with negative anxiety effects, etc.)
1.1   founder of the ''O.T.i.S.A.K'' (Organizational Team of Student Action and Creativity), student training program
2013   official speaker at the public discussion held by the Students' representative council on the topic of Croatian constitutional referendum (1st of December 2013) on same–sex marriage ban.
Member of the European Youth Parliament

  21st National Session of the EPMH – 2008 Rijeka, Croatia. National (delegate);
61th International Session of the EYPEJ– 2009 Leuven. International (delegate);
60th International Session of the EYPEJ– 2009 Stockholm. International (
22nd National Selection Conference of the EPMH – 2009 Zagreb, Croatia. National (journo).
2008   member of the winning team (national level) and the participant if the European Finals (Brussels, Belgium) of the ‘Do you speak "European"?’ competition;
2007   participant in the regional debate tournament (Zagreb, Croatia);
2007   participant in the debate tournament finals “Youth building the path to Europe” (PHARE 2005).