Wita Stwosza 15a

Project team (at Studio EL)
Agnieszka Ksycka
Bartosz Narożny

Paweł Bronowski

Refurbishment and conversion of the listed XIXc building at the back of medieval front building. Front building at Wita Stwosza 15 houses offices and has a vaulted entrance and relics of polychrome wooden ceilings. New functions introduced were: restaurant and shopping in the basement and ground floor, offices and appartments for rent at the top floors. The conversion included the addition of a covered walkway at the courtyard side to link all rooms, remodeling of the openings, covering the courtyard at the ground level and general strengtening of the brick structure.

External covered walkway was added to maximise floor area
and to link the new offices and appartments to the existing fire escape staircase

To meet the fire regulations a low, granite-clad balustrade wall was introduced.
This allowed the use of full height non fire-rated, cheaper glazing.
The balustrade wall also hides the heating element

Screen printed glazing provides sunshading and adds visual interest to the courtyard

Ground floor covered arcade with direct acces from the vaulted medieval entrance and stairs leading to basement restaurant.
During construction works remnants of XIIc civic cemetary were uncovered.

To optimize solar shading, computer solar study was performed.
Western light is blocked by adjacent buildings. Vertical finns of
perforated steel, with windows set deep in the wall provide adequate
measures against afternoon sunlight while still allowing plenty of daylight