Public Library

Project team:
Magdalena Baborska-Narożny
Agnieszka Ksycka
Bartosz Narożny

A winning entry in an architectural competition organized by the city council and the  Polish Architects Association.
New public library in Nysa is located  within the historic city centre, with relics of the city walls on-site. In a decision to revitalize city centre and restore its character, the building follows the lines of the block, with a quiet courtyard inside.
As users move throughout the library, their contact with the outside changes: ground floor strip-windows in cafe and lecture hall, narrow and deep windows at first floor library level, grand window facing the staircase allowing views toward baroque houses and the gothic church of St Agnes and Jacob, and finally diffused rooflight in study areas that also penetrates to lower floors through voids.
Childrens library and the hall face the inner courtyard with a small amphitheatre, blooming trees and richly textured pavement.
Externally the library building has a brickwork texture covered in polyurethane coating.

for architectural competition graphics see here