Manufacturing hall for JanTom company in Świebodzin.

Project team:
Magdalena Baborska-Narożny
Marcin Brzezicki
Bartosz Narożny

The main volume of the hall is naturally ventilated via stack effect in the black chimneys at the southern facade. The supply air is driven through underfloor, precast concrete ducts. To activate the thermal mass of the massive concrete floor, night-time cooling is used with the help of axial ventilators located next to the chimneys. In the night-mode chimney inlets are shut off. This ventilation system proved to be very effective and was repeated in the extension, that doubled the floor area. Other climate control measures include low g glass and external shades for office part of the building.

Souther facade of the building with ventilation
chimneys and external sunshading for offices.

Openings are designed as a combination of translucent and transparent glazing.
Translucent glazing is used to avoid glare and provide even lighting levels inside while
transparent strips aloow glimpses of the surroundings and awareness of the current weather.

Staff entrance, changing rooms and dining
in the extended part of the building.

Under floor vents inlet can be shut off in winter

Southern facade of the building with ventilation chimneys powder coated in black and fitted with wind directional cowls to increase draft

External sunshading above office windows. Spacing and size of the shading elements were individualy calculated for the site.