Project team:
Magdalena Baborska-Narożny
Bartosz Narożny

Family house in Wanaka, NZ, located on a north-facing, sloping site offering spectacular views over Lake Hawea and surrounding mountains.  Location of the house and windows layout  were carefully chosen  to make the most of the views the location offered, and also to minimize site work and utilize existing platforms.
The design started with elaborating exact brief for a family of 2+3 with no surplus volumes, tight budget and low maintenance cost in mind. Structuring the complex flow of interactions and activities of family members and positioning the volumes on the sloping site with views were at the roots of the scheme.

The house as seen from the bottom of the site.

Windows are positioned to make the most of the spectacular location

Large glazed openings connect dining area with the wooden terrace
and allow views towards Lake Hawea and surrounding mountains.

The house is clad with painted wood and brick.
Large eaves protect against excessive solar gain.