Project team:
Magdalena Baborska-Narożny
Bartosz Narożny

An energy efficient house for a family of 2+3.
Located on the outskirts of Czernica, within sight of the river. Orientation, roof slope, eaves height were set by local regulations.
All bedrooms and bathrooms are located in the attic. The master bedroom enjoys a panoramic view of the riverbanks and railway bridge. A mezzanine links all the attic rooms to a straight flight of stairs leading down to the living-room of variable height. Living areas open to the south and west, with study located to the east. An external storage located on the north side forms a covered porch that opens to both the driveway- and the garden side.
The building is clad with untreated larch planks. To ensure the longevity of the skin, proper attention was given to detailing.
Ground floor is heated via floor heating, bedrooms – with small electrical radiators. The whole house is mechanically ventilated with heat exchange.

Northern facade with covered porch and storage

Cladding of untreated larch planks is detailed
to allow sufficient air flow around all wooden elements

Zen-view windows in study open onto the courtyard
and give glimpses of unobstructed sky

South-east view showing the cladding in its original colour.
Untreated larch will gradually turn silvery grey.

Master bedroom features a low, horizontal window
that allows views of the river.