Skip the line! Donate what you can and reserve your tickets & wristbands now...
Applefest is both a community builder and a fundraiser, you are asked to pay what you can. If you can pay more we ask that you do. Buying in advance saves you time!  Simply pick up your tickets at the Ticket Table on day of event... no waiting in line.
* Advance ticket sales end at 3pm Wednesday, October 16th. 

TICKETS (for food and select activities*)     
Tickets pay for food (chili, waffles, gourmet sandwiches, grill, drinks, etc and special activities not included in band) 
$20 for 25 tickets (this is pre-pay special, tickets are $1.00 each on day of)
   (Click 'continue shopping' to add more tickets or wristbands)

WRISTBAND (buy one per kid for unlimited activities, all day!)

Arts & crafts, games, facepainting, inflatable slide and bouncy castle, performances by BNS band and BCS cheerleaders and so much more.  One wristband per kid. Wristbands do not include food or drinks!  (You need tickets for those)

 Full price $40 * $20 $10

*A full price ticket covers our costs and contributes to BNS/BCS fundraising. Please consider buying an extra wrist band to donate to another family!

Applefest is for everyone, whether or not you can pay for a wristband.  If you can't buy a wristband this year, please fill out this form so your wristbands will be waiting for you at the Ticket table on the day of the event.

** What you choose to pay is confidential and private (only admin and PTA members who sign annual confidentiality notices will see the pre-pay list)