The Readathon fundraiser helps to pay for the overnight trips for the third, fourth, and fifth grades to the Ashokan Center, Frost Valley YMCA,and Camp Speers-Eljabar YMCA. BNS students pledge to read a certain number of books and are paid by family and friends for each book they complete. Now, instead of asking people to write out checks to the BNS PTA, simply have them support a reader by making the payment through the PayPal donation button. Just ask them to specify "Readathon" in the description.

The PayPal donation can also be used by BNS parents to pay for other things besides the Readathon. Many times over the course of the year parents are asked to send money to school, for class trips, special projects, or small class fundraisers. For example, very recently a class raised money for Red Hook Initiative to support their Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. The donation button allows you to enter any amount. Please use this donation button for any occasion when you need to write out a check to the BNS PTA that does not involve a merchandise purpose.

Important!!: After pushing the "Donate" button, and before hitting the final "Donate $X USD Now" please click the small plus sign (+) that readsReadathon Grade (3,4,5) and Child's Name etc to write exactly what the donation is for.  Be very specific, for example always put the class grade before the word Readathon, e.g. "4th Grade Readathon", as you would on the memo section of a check and include your child's name, as well. This allows each teacher and grade to use these donations for their assigned projects and also enables the BNS PTA to properly account for Readathon revenues.