For several years the BNS PTA and science program have created BNS branded merchandise for sale, but the only way to order anything was to fill out a paper form, write a check, and send it in to the school.  While this option is still available (the order form can be found on this site), the BNStore allows you to order online using PayPal.  No more hassles with checks and cash!  The money will now go immediately into the Friends of BNS-BCS PayPal account and then be transferred to Friends' bank account where it can accessed by the BNS PTA.

As wonderful as e-commerce is, we still have not figured out a way to transport your items to you via the Internet.  So to facilitate delivery the old-fashioned way (backpack mail), you are required to enter your child's name, class, and teacher when ordering.  You can also contact Shelley Bissessar at shelley@bns146.org or Melissa Scott at meliscott@optonline.net for further information.


Q. How much can a school earn through SchoolRewards?
The potential earnings are unlimited. Schools can earn up to 10% of the purchase price of any item bought through Amazon, as long as the shopper accesses Amazon products through the school’s SchoolRewards link.
In its first year (2011-2012) people ordered $60,648 worth of goods through the program, netting BNS $4,143.  This number continues to grow every time someone places an order through the program.

Q. Does everything Amazon.com com sell qualify for SchoolRewards?
Yes, everything, including all merchandise sold by other people and companies via Amazon.

Q. Can anyone make purchases through the SchoolRewards program?
Anyone can use a school’s SchoolRewards link to access Amazon products and make purchases. That’s why it’s so important for school community members to routinely communicate our SchoolRewards link (this site www.BNStore.org or http://tinyurl.com/AmazonBNS) to as many friends and family as possible, across the country and around the globe.

Q. How do shoppers pay for the merchandise they buy?
Just as they always do — by credit card or gift certificate.  Other than accessing Amazon products via the aStore and the BNS’s SchoolRewards link, the shopping experience is incredibly simple on an aStore and entirely familiar on Amazon.com.

Q. What is the key to a successful SchoolRewards program?
Again, there’s nothing more important than distributing the SchoolRewards link far and wide (along with the aStore location), sending regular reminders. People want to help their local schools – you just need to make it as easy as possible for them to participate in the program

BNS Teachers' Store
The BNS Teachers's Store is a selection of books and other items specifically recommended by your teachers that will benefit your children in and out of the classroom, such as back-to-school items, musical instruments, sports and arts equipment.  It is a customized store that reflects the wishlists of BNS teachers, by class. 

Non-Merchandise Donations
Forget those days of writing a check or bringing in cash for the PTA to pay for a trip or the Read-a-thon.  You can now make this donation via PayPal instead!

BNS Affiliate Program (In Planning Stage)
Many BNS parents are artists, craftspeople, merchants, restaurant owners, and storekeepers with their own small businesses.  Many in our BNS community of business owners have agreed to donate to the school a percentage of sales from purchases made by BNS parents. This is where you can find them!