O.O. BOGOMOLETS NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY (BNMU), popularly known as NMU-National Medical University, Kyiv  completes 175 years in 2017. BNMU is the premier Medical University of Ukraine and one of the foremost medical universities in Europe and the world.

The National Medical University is the leading educational, scientific and treatment-prophylactic center of Ukraine. Approximately 1,200 high skilled specialists from independent Ukraine, countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America graduate from the university every year.

The National Medical University is widely known thanks to the work of famous scientists, scientific developments, which are made at the level of the world standards and are widely introduced into the practice of health care for the population.

The university is first of all the highly skilled scientific pedagogical collective, one of the most powerful among higher schools in Ukraine, which unites 11 faculties, 80 departments, where approximately 1 200 teachers work. Among them there are 32 full members and corresponding members of State academies of Science of Ukraine and 32 members of public academies of science of Ukraine, 28 members of foreign academies, 33 members of international scientific organizations and associations, 55 Laureates of State prize of Ukraine, honored educationalists, honored doctors, honored inventors of Ukraine. Over 145 professors, 170 doctors of science, 298 assistant professors, and 683 candidates of science carry out teaching.

The Bogomolets National Medical University (BNMU) offers courses both at the Under-Graduate Level and Post-Graduate Level for international students. 

Being the premier medical university in Ukraine, students are advised to 
apply early and complete their Admission Processing at the earliest if they wish to study at BNMU. 

BNMU is also a major scientific and medial research center of international standing. Some of these are outlined here.

BNMU is ranked first on the rating of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine among higher education institutions with the level of accreditation III and IV in the category Health Care. 

Bogomolets National Medical University presented its 22 Departments, patent and license division and the Institute of Immunology and Allergology within its exposition at Medical Forum – 2009. The results of the BNMU scientific researches have been awarded with 43 diplomas.

BNMU has been declared a winner and decorated with the golden medal, awarded in category “Integration of Science and Education – necessary condition for improved quality of specialists’ training at higher education institutions” of ХІІ International Exhibition of Educational Institutions “Contemporary Education in Ukraine – 2009” (25-27.02.2009, Kyiv) and confirmed its honorary title of “Leader in development of modern means of education”.
President of Ukraine at BNMU

All our educational programs are regulated and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The degrees and diplomas issued to graduated foreign students by the National Medical University are legalized by the Ministry of Heath of Ukraine and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

National Medical University is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). National Medical University is recognized and listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). This accreditation allows the National Medical University to be eligible to take the United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLE) and enter Postgraduate Medical (Residency) training in United States. IMED accreditation is recognized by the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) for eligibility of graduates to obtain certification and Licensure.

The students and graduates of National Medical University are eligible to participate in the United States Medical Licensing Examination & receive ECFMG certification. The ECFMG certification requires all graduates to have passed USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 (both sections), submit a final transcript, and provide a copy of the graduate's diploma for verification. Once ECFMG certification has been granted the graduates are eligible for Postgraduate Medical education (Residency Training) in the United States. All prospective and current students who wish to practice in the United States are encouraged to educate themselves on the licensure policies in their respective states. This information can be obtained by going to the Federation of State Medical Boards of United States (FSMB) website or contacting them. 

National Medical University is recognized by the Indian Medical Council, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, European Council of Medicine and General Medical Council (limited Registration) of UK all Medical Councils around the world.

The National Medical University is not only recognized by Medical Councils around the world but is an active participant in many international research programs.

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International applicants - Application steps
1) Fill up below application form
2) Send a mail to bnmu.ukraine@gmail.com  with your document scans as per the information on the page link 

BNMU-Application & Enquiry Form for International Applicants

Kiev or Kyiv is the capital and the largest city of Ukraine, located in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River. Kiev is an important industrial, scientific, educational and cultural centre of Eastern Europe. It is home to many high-tech industries, higher education institutions and world-famous historical landmarks. 

The city has an extensive infrastructure and highly developed system of public transport, including the Kiev Metro. Kiev is also one of the oldest cities of Eastern Europe and has played a pivotal role in the development of the medieval East Slavic civilization as well as in the modern Ukrainian nation.

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