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Teacher FAQ

What areas of the Media Center are available for classroom use?

We have space for three classes to meet at the same time in the Media Center.  Our computer lab seats 31 students, and we have two sitting areas that each hold 44 students.  If a teacher just needs extra space for a class lesson, reserve one of our table areas so your students can spread out, work on projects, etc.

How do I reserve times for my classes to use the Media Center and/or computer lab in the Media Center?

The best way is to contact Mr. Voris via email.  You can first check our class calendar to see if the times you need are available.  Mr. Voris will send you a confirmation if the times area available.

How can I use the audio/visual area of the Media Center?

We have hundreds of videos available for teacher use.  Carol Crane runs the A/V area in the Media Center.  You may contact her or come down to the area and browse our videos.  We are currently working on cataloging our collection digitally, so you will be able to browse online in the near future. There is no set amount of time that teachers may check out videos; however, we do request that if you are not currently using videos, you return them so that other teachers may use them.

What A/V equipment is available for me to use?

We have overhead projectors, slide projectors,  CD/tape decks, dvd players, and Airliners for teachers to check out. We also have a VCR/DVD recorder that can transfer videocassette recordings to recordable dvds.  Teachers must provide the dvds and abide by appropriate copyright restrictions. 

How long may I check out a book?

Books check out for a two week period.  There are no fines for overdue materials.