About:  This is a combination of several pieces I've written for film projects.  Lyrical melodies, lush harmonies, cinematic vocals... 

About:  This is a combination of several pieces I've written for film projects.  Big hits, fast edits, sweepy strings...    


About:  A trumpet solo and orchestral strings evoke heroism in a cinematic style. 
  • Epic  2:49.  MP3 Format - 3 MB.

About:  This melody is presented first in violas, then violins and again as a climactic string tutti.  Woodwind and brass provide counterlines throughout.

About:  This piece was written for a movie about a man who recently lost his wife.  The theme is beautiful, yet sad and haunting.

About:  This despondent love theme is presented first in solo flute, second by the woodwind choir, and last by a tutti string section.  The "B" section utilizes countrapuntal lines between strings and horn.

About:  This piece presents an intimate melody in piano and then as a full orchestral climax.

About:  This piece uses a soaring love theme and a few exotic harmonic twists.

About:  A love theme with a sense of innocence and contentment. 

About:  This theme was written for a drama with hints of spirituality and overcoming hardship.  It's hopeful and almost hymnlike. 


  • NFL  2:07.  MP3 Format - 2 MB.

About:  Completed for FOX Sports, this track elicits the familiar mood of football with brass melodies, big drum hits and orchestral strings. 

About:  This piece uses a brass fanfare to present the main theme, followed by a big yet lyrical "B" section.

  • Hero - Lament Treatment.  1:27.  MP3 Format - 2 MB.
  • Hero - Action Treatment.  2:22.  MP3 Format - 3 MB.

About: This heroic theme is stated in both an action and sad setting.  The lament treatment features a trumpet solo and soprano over a string bed.  In the action treatment, the theme is stated by french horns with string accompaniment, followed by a rhythmic interlude and a full orchestra statement.

  • Trailer - Action/Drama Trailer.  2:08.  MP3 Format - 2 MB.
About:  This action/drama cue is structured like a typical, build, build.  Watch this music set to the Troy Trailer.
  • Chase  1:47.  MP3 Format - 2 MB.

About:  Aggressive strings, brass and percussion. 


About:  Quite simply, a song sung by a rat about how much fun it is to be a filthy, stinkin' rat.  :)


About:  The Disney DVD Logo. Bouncy strings and woodwinds set the stage for Tinkerbell.

About:  Action film music accompanies graphics of fighter planes.  Music and Sound FX only.

About:  Aggressive strings and percussion set the stage for this forensic drama.

About:  Aggressive strings and percussion accompany stories of Martian attacks.

About:  Theme to an African wildlife show.