~ The Brian Strubhar Family ~

Brian & Beth
Charity (11), Kristin (10), & Emily (6)

Our Mission: To Glorify God, Make Christ Known, and Be Used by Him in a Family Reformation!!
(Helping Make EVERY Home A Godly Home)

Greetings Family & Friends,

We are "The Brian Strubhar Family"!

We're so glad that you have decided to come and visit our site!  We hope you enjoy reading about us and our family, as well as looking through our countless amounts of photos.  :-) 

 We love serving our Lord Jesus Christ, as He is OUR reason for living!  Without HIM where would any of us be?! 

One of our main ministries is helping save and build marriages and families. We are members of the Pittsburgh, PA  "FamilyLife" (www.familylife.com)  "Weekend To Remember" Marriage Getaway Team and we are so blessed to be able to serve in this capacity!

What a privilege it has been to see God transform SO many lives, marriages, & families!   To HIM be ALL the Glory, as HE is the Real Life Changer!

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May God richly bless you and your family!!

                                ~The Strubhars~