We are a family who loves our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Our utmost   desire is to share Him and His Love with everyone we meet and please Him in all that we do!
  He has been so good to us and our family!  We are blessed beyond measure!  

If you do not know Christ, you do not know what you have been missing!  He is absolutely  AWESOME!! 
Why don't you give Him a try?   You will be SO glad you

*Brian is originally from Northern Idaho and Beth is from the northeastern part of Ohio.  God brought us together almost 13 years ago and for the past 7 years we have felt led to help save & build into marriages & families.  

We love all the fun times we get to spend together..... as well as making memorable memories! 
We enjoy:  Hiking, camping
, fishing, biking, vacationing, singing, and relaxing together,...... just to name a few!  :-)