2017 Year End Letter

Greetings Family & Friends,

    Hello once again from The Strubhar Family!  Here we are at the end of another year.  
As always we wonder where the time has gone so quickly.  So.....before more time passes by,  we will share with you a little about our 2017.  

    Here are a few dates that we're memorable.....

January 6th & 7th, 2017 : 
We attended Metro's annual meeting.  It was extra fun this year, as Dad Strubhar & our brother Howard attended along with us as well.  They joined our business the end of 2016.  We are so privileged to have them a part.  Really looking forward to working together as a family!

January 21st : 
What a great time we had for FamilyLife's Team Celebration @ Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Robinson Twp., PA.  We have been a part of the local Pittsburgh Weekend to Remember Marriage Getaway team for the last 6 + years.  What a joy it was to look back over the WTR events and see where God changed so many marriages and families!  One of those changed marriages joined our couples study small group in February.  Praise be to God for His Faithfulness!     

Feb. 10th - 12th :  
Brian had a quick business trip to Denver, CO to help get the Denver office up and going.  He left Pittsburgh in - 12 below zero weather, and arrived in Denver to 80 degrees!  I think that was one time he wished he lived in Denver!  :-)      (LOL!)

Feb. 18th:  
Throughout the year we try to take part in as many marriage events as possible because we know how important the covenant of marriage is to God.  We represent FamilyLife and the Weekend to Remember Events while at these events.  Our local church hosted their own marriage weekend called: Love Actually  The church ministry team did a fabulous job with praise & worship, skits, testimonials, food, etc.  Several couples attended and in doing so, learned more about what it takes to make a Christ honoring marriage.  To God be All the Glory for helping our town realize how important marriages truly are!

March:  In March we kept pretty busy with Homeschooling fun, a Metro Home Show, a Metro trip to Boise, ID, and a ton of other spring activities.   

April 4th:  
We celebrated Emily's Birthday the beginning of April.  I  just cannot believe that our baby is "8" years old already!  She enjoys time with her sisters (a least some of the time...LOL!), coloring, and playing with her kitties.  She also really enjoys when she gets to spend time with her two little friends Clara & Chloe.  Emily is definitely our little "comedian" and we always get a laugh when she's around.  She also gets great joy out of spending quality time spent with mom.  :-)  What JOY Emily has brought to our home!  We are SO blessed!   

April 22nd - 26th: 
The end of April,  Brian & I were privileged to get to go on an all Expenses Paid Trip to Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic!  Brian was promoted to Executive Vice President for his company and was one of the top recruiters, SO he qualified for the FREE trip!  I am SO Blessed to have such a Hard Working, Intelligent, & Successful Man!  :-)    

April 29th - May 3rd:   
As soon as we arrived back from our trip we headed over to Atlantic City, NJ for our Annual Metro Convention.  This year we had several of our Metro team from the Akron, OH office to come along with us, as well as Brian's dad and brother from the Denver office, and our New adjuster, Deborah McCarthy  from Boise, Idaho.  We had a wonderful time at the classes, lunches, sessions, etc.  Can't wait until next year!  

May 17th - 20th:  
Brian flew to Denver again the middle of May and then drove on to Boise, ID.  He definitely wants to give the offices as much support as he can going forward.  It was a REALLY quick trip though with all the driving.  He drove  over 1600 miles on that trip and all within 48 hrs.  What can I say.  When he arrived home, he was TIRED!  :-)  LOL!   

May 31st - June 1st:   
The end of May (Literally..LOL!) we celebrated 14 yrs. of marriage!  Brian booked a night away at Sojourners Lodge in Holmes County, OH.  It was SO relaxing to just get away and have fun together for a day/night.  I am SO glad I have such a loving guy that cares about me/us and building into our marriage & relationship!  Thank you Jesus! 

Beginning of June:  The beginning of June was a rough time for us.  Our long time (FamilyLife) Best Friends from Cleveland, OH area felt called to move to the Myrtle Beach, SC area.  We knew that we were going to miss them greatly, but we definitely wanted them to be right where God wanted them.  There were sad goodbyes, but we still talk/text quite often so it has been....what can I say.?  Manageable at least.  :-(   

June 10th:  
In June we hosted a quarterly Metro Fast Track at the Hartville Kitchen in Hartville, OH.  We all had a grand time of learning, strategizing, and the food as always was absolutely DELICIOUS!!  We're really looking forward to building our business better the rest of the year.         

July 8th:  
In July we had our Metro family picnic at Lake Milton State Park.  We had about 50 + people attend and fun was had by all.  We had delicious food, wonderful fellowship, competitive tournaments, & yummy ice cream treats.  We appreciate our Metro Reps and their families greatly.  We definitely do not just consider each other just business associates or partners.......We're family!  :-)       

July 11th:  
We had a BIG birthday celebration in July.  Our oldest daughter, Charity, turned "13"!  
I guess we will see what life is like having a teenager in our household now!  
Charity is definitely our "go to" girl for getting things done.  She's always there to help, but she also enjoys baking, reading, photography, taking care of her cats, and girl time.  She also has been working some for her granny & pa, as well as the neighbor lady.  She cleans, mows grass, cares for pets, and several other misc. jobs.  She has been saving her $$ and has already purchased herself a nice camera to further her love of photography.  Charity has brought so much love to our home.  She is such a sweet girl and we certainly look forward to more quality time, getting to know our teenager.  :-)      

July 21st - July 23rd:  
The middle of July we headed to Baltimore, Maryland & Washington DC for a business/Family trip/vacation.  We got to see the White House, Washington Monument, US Capitol, Pentagon, Lincoln Memorial, & the Arlington Cemetery.  It was a very educational but yet FUN trip.  We cannot wait to go again when we have more time!

July 28th:  
Brian was priveledged to be invited to a special EVP Metro Meeting held at President Steve McCaffery's  House.  They had meetings as well as had a great time swimming in Steve's spectacular pool.  Metro's company President is truly an awesome guy!  

In August we spent a lot of our time preparing for school the next year, graduations, picnics, parties, & our couples small group study. 
 August 21st, we were all excited about the BIG Solar eclipse that only happens once in like 100 years.  It did not get real dark where we live, as we were not in its direct path.  It was basically just like a cloud cover at our house.  It was still pretty neat to take part in something that not very many of us will ever experience again though.  :-)

Sept. 2nd:  
We really enjoyed attending our friend's Julie & Byron's Wedding.  It was absolutely Beautiful and a wedding that we will always remember!  We're so glad that we can be there for our friends just starting out, as we know the challenges that can come to a newly married couple.  May God richly bless them with the ONENESS that only HE can give!   

Sept. 9th - 12th:  
One of the biggest tropical storms in history happened in Sept.  Hurricane Irma left 1,000's of people flooded, without power, & stranded down in Texas, Florida, South Carolina, etc.  It was a sad time for a lot of folks.  We were able to help several people around our area too though, as we had a few stormy days/nights as an aftermath from the storms in the south.  If you or anyone you know ever needs help with damage to property (home), please let us know.  (559-335-3635)

Sept. 15th - 16th:
We had such a FUN time in New York City with some of Brian's siblings.  I had never been there, so touring the streets and getting to see a lot of the sites was a real treat for me.  We were privileged to ride a ferry over to Manhattan and saw the twin tower memorial and jaunted over to China Town & Little Italy which was a wonderful experience and very exciting.  Even saw a sewer rat & a bird pooped in my hair!  LOL!!  Couldn't get more EXCITING than that.....Right?  ROFL!!  :-)      

Oct. 13th - Algonquin Mill Fest.

Oct. 19th - 23rd - Metro Fast track / Myrtle Beach Vac. /Jim & Sue's Place

Nov.  10th - 12th - Carrie's Wedding

Nov. 15th - Brian's parents came for visit.  Brian and Dad Strubhar flew to Vegas for the Go Pro Event while Mother Strubhar stayed at our place.  

Nov. 16th - 18th - 2nd WTR 

Nov. 25th - Nice Dinner & Evening with our best friends Jim & Sue Koshel

Dec. 2nd - Craft show at our church - Christmas Parade

*All kinds of holiday festivities from church events, parties with friends, baking, Christmas gatherings with family & friends, etc....