2016 Christmas Letter

Dear Family & Friends,

    Greetings from The Strubhars here in beautiful snowy Ohio!  It is a cold & crisp morning here in Wellsville.  I think the high temperature today will be about 15 degrees.  :-)  Thanks be to God for a warm home!  
    Our year has flown by it seems, but here is a short recap of what our 2016 looked like.
    Last winter we had very mild weather.  Not a lot of snow.  It definitely made it nice for all the traveling that Brian does with his job, which has included weekly trips to Columbus, Cleveland, & Akron areas.  The public adjusting business is so rewarding though, especially with perks like all expenses paid trips all over the place.  :-)  We have business partners in Ohio, WV, PA, NJ, WY, and CO, so business is definitely not limited to just the Ohio market.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in working for us & our company or would just like more information, please contact us at: brianmetropa@gmail.com. or check out our Public Adjuster tab above!       
    We had a real enjoyable & interesting time on the 6th annual "Love Like You Mean It" Marriage Cruise this year!  We didn't make the ports we were hoping to get to, but it was still a lot of fun!  
    We also were SO blessed to get to go on a trip that Brian won from his hard work in our business, to Cancun, Mexico!  It was a total BLAST and SO relaxing!  Here are just a few nice pics.
                            "Love Like You Mean It" Cruise

                                        Cancun, Mexico

    During the spring, we were presented with an opportunity to move to another house in our same town.  The home had been in my family (Beth's) for years and I had lived there in the past with my aunt as well.  So......to make a LONG story short, the next several months were basically taken up with trying to clean out AND Remodel the new house, plus get all of our things packed up at our old house in preparation for moving.  Our target date to move was by the end of August and we ended up getting moved by July 31st.  (*Thanks be to Brian & Dad Strubhar for ALL their HARD work)  Whew!!  It makes me exhausted just thinking about it!  LOL!!  :-)

    We did however take time to have some fun this summer though, as well as celebrate some special birthdays!  Here are some pics of those memorable times! 
**To see more of our pictures go to: https://www.facebook.com/briannbeth 


          Immediately following our move (ON July 31st), we headed out west to Wyoming to help with the catastrophic hail storm claims near Brian's parents place.  Was really nice to get to spend some enjoyable times with family once again.  A trip to Rocky Mountain National Park was a real highlight too.  
        Brian's grandma from Oregon passed away while we were in WY, so we headed to the west coast for the funeral.  Although it was a bit of a sad time to visit family, it was also SO nice to see family/friends that we hardly ever get to see.  
After the funeral, we came back through Idaho where Brian was raised and was privileged to get and spend some quality family time with some friends there, as well as some huckleberry picking in the beautiful mountains! (*One of our favorite things to do!)  :-)  There were so many wonderful memories made!  Hopefully we will get to do it again in the future!

        Our Summer went by quickly with how BUSY it was, and school was starting before we knew it.  We spent most of our Fall season getting settled into our new place, and I can honestly say, we REALLY like it and it's starting to really feel like HOME!  :-)

        We were once again privileged to be a part of two FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Marriage Getaways in Pittsburgh this Fall.  Many marriages/lives were changed(Praise be to God!!)!  
A few of the personal testimonies, were SO encouraging and we feel SO blessed to have had a small part in everything, and have witnessed firsthand how God can transform lives!  As a result of those weekends we are starting a small marriage group study for a few couples that the Getaways really impacted!  
To God be ALL the Glory!!  

          Hard to believe it is once again the end of another year.  Time does seem to surely fly.  We are so excited about our plans for December/January.  Darren Strubhar's (Brian's Brother's)Family is coming to visit right before Christmas, and Brian's parents, Brother Edwin & his family, Siblings Howard, Ivanna, & Joel, are all planning to be here for New Years!  This is not something that happens very often, so we are rather ecstatic that they're choosing to spend the holidays with us!  

        May we all keep in mind this season though what really matters every time of the year.  CHRIST!  He's the reason we should Live or can LIVE!!  Without HIM we can truly do or be nothing!  May each and every one of you find Christ's Peace and Joy in your hearts and lives this Christmas!  
        Feel SO happy and proud that I am still free to say what it seems so many have been trying to take away from us for several years now.......
To you and yours I say a BIG "HEARTY".......


Much Love to you all,

Brian & Beth
Charity, Kristin, & Emily