Dress Code for Attending Mass

Dress Code for Liturgical Participants

  • For men, a suit or conservative sports jacket and dress slacks.  A tie is appropriate and encouraged. Jeans, shorts, cargo pants, open shirts, sports jerseys, sneakers and other very casual attire are inappropriate.
  • For women, dresses, dress slacks, skirts and blouses or sweaters or a suit.  Hemlines should be modest (to the knee). Necklines should also be modest.  Jeans, short skirts or dresses, revealing blouses (low cut, sleeveless or see-through), or shorts of any length should not be worn.  Please do not wear tank-tops or spaghetti straps - choose to wear these items with a shrug or jacket over them instead.
 Clothing for both men and women should fit comfortably and not be form-fitting or tight.  Dress shoes should be worn.