B`nai Shalom v`Tikvah

The Reform Jewish Congregation of Durham, Ontario

Come for the service - stay for Kiddush and Kibbitz

For more information, please call: 905.428.2580 or

e-mail at: bsvtajax@gmail.com

Next Service:

Saturday June 9th 
Shabbat Services with Rabbi
and Cantorial Soloist Roz Keyes
 9:00 Torah study, 10:00 Services
Fellowship Room


Visitors are always welcome to attend our regular services

BSVT is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism

Check our Membership Details or Service Schedule
for details of our upcoming services and events.


.. in synagogue services
.. in social events and charity fundraising
.. in progressive Jewish practices
.. with family, friends and fellow members
.. in special events.


.. our relationship with God, Shabbat and the Jewish festivals
.. our Jewish heritage, values, history and culture
.. the gift of God's commandments.


.. about Judaism and the Torah
.. in the children’s Hebrew School program
.. from our Rabbi in Torah study.


Warm, Caring, Community, Services, Rituals, Practices.
Family friendly with an active Hebrew school for the kids taught by professional educators