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Used Watchs

used watchs

602. Hampi (20): Watch Tower
602. Hampi (20): Watch Tower
This is one of the four observation towers in the four corners of the palace complex. The ground floor is for horses, the first floor for guards and the top(now destroyed) for observation. A close view of the high walls would reveal that the irregular stones are trimmed to match with the adjacent layers, making it unnecessary to use any mortar or binding material. It is a remarkable construction technology that minimizes waste of materials.
american watch company
american watch company
I know nothing about this watch. I think it has a gold case instead of a 20 year case. Regardless, it's now about a 150 year case. I'll check it out today. My Dad used to collect these. I'm going to give this to my son on Sunday. Made in 1887 Model: 1884 Name: Bond St Material: U Grade: (+, NL Size: 14 Size: 14 Plate: 3/4 Plate: 3/4 Jewelling: Plain Jewels: 7

used watchs
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