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Third Watch Snow Blind

third watch snow blind
    third watch
  • Third Watch is an American television drama series which first aired on NBC from 1999 to 2005 for a total of 134 episodes, broadcast in 6 seasons of 22 episodes each.
    snow blind
  • Photokeratitis or ultraviolet keratitis is a painful eye condition, caused by exposure of insufficiently protected eyes to the ultraviolet (UV) rays from either natural or artificial sources.
  • Temporarily blinded by the glare of light reflected by a large expanse of snow
  • temporarily blinded by exposure to light reflected from snow or ice
  • affect with snow blindness; "the glare of the sun snow-blinded her"

Before Christmas Haul
Before Christmas Haul
My Christmas day begins... It snowed but for the most part everyone you would talk to would probably consider it as "no snow"...this is Wisconsin after all. Enough that the city might not even have to plow because by the time they get there all the cars will just trample it down not really enough for anyone else to worry about. I hauled out my shovel and put it to my sidewalk before leaving...but many others did not. Had three stops...not counting my return home. First stop: zip in; zip out. Plowed. Excellent. Second stop: new city. You could smell the burned rubber by the time I got myself up and into the driveway. City driveway so it wasn't steep. I made it all on my own. Didn't even disturb the neighborhood (that I know of). Third stop: new city. Country driveway with a big ole dip - you drive down into the area and then drive yourself up to get out. As soon as I pulled in I knew I was screwed. Crrrraaaap. Decided to try to do a space swing thing and loop myself right around the driveway and get out right away. That didn't work at all. Got to the loop and promptly slid into a stall. Can't park here. Ok so I'm never going to make it up the exit...that means I'm going to have to reverse out and up the entrance and back onto the really busy blind highway. Ok Christmas Angel time to earn your wings. Took it slow and easy rather than gunning it. Didn't matter. My Guardian Angel was hitting the egg nog early Christmas Day...Slid right off the edge of the driveway and into a snowback. Which is preferrable, actually - other option being getting hit by a truck flying down the highway and because I could have slid all the way off the driveway and into the cow yard. Tried and failed to remove myself - cows went running then as cows do, came back as a herd and at a safe distance and watched the meyhem. Problem Problem Problem...then finally the nice man with the big 4x4 truck and same last name as me hauled my little sports car out of the snowbank and there were all sorts of comments on how this here is a summer car. Yes, well. =)
Focus stacked objects. Be sure to look at details under "all sizes" Just to note, the lens surface is about 2" or less away from that front watch. I did this on purpose to get a dramatic perspective and a shallow depth of field to better test the stacking program with. I will do more thorough tests later, I have some ideas. I like this program because it allows you to be close to get the dramatic foreground objects, but still have background stuff in focus. It also allows better selective focus, where if you step down to get an entire object sharp, you get too much else that is sharp. If instead you focus step over the object at f/2 or something you can still maintain a shallow depth of field but get the entire subject sharp. An issue I ran into is many lenses change focal length based on focus position, especially close up. If you take a Tamron 18-250mm for example, and focus at the minimum focusing distance at "250mm" you are really at about 150mm (verify this to yourself by noting the field of view as you focus). Lenses always rate their effective focal lengths at infinity. My point is the program seemed to handle the scaling of each image fairly well to compensate for this effect. I do notice it was tricked by the moving hands on the rear watch, so I will have to look for adjustments that might make it cognizant of moving objects, or have it pick the appropriate image for the watch face. Maybe I just did too many images too close together. This image took me all of 2 minutes to process. Very intuitive. I didn't need to go digging for anything to get it to work right off the bat. It is like a Mac, and thankfully it works on the Mac too. Win-win. :)

third watch snow blind
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