Panerai Style Watches : Bulova Watch For Men.

Panerai Style Watches

panerai style watches
  • Officine Panerai is an Italian brand of watches owned by the Richemont International SAgroup. Its watches are currently manufactured in Neuchatel, Switzerland with some movements designed and manufactured in-house. Otherwise they use decorated ETA movements.
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Dress wristshot - Marina Militare 1936
Dress wristshot - Marina Militare 1936
Testing out how my current watches look as they would in a formal setting, half hidden by the cuff of my shirt and jacket. The Marina Militare 1936 Radiomir, though having a big 47mm case, fits under the cuff fairly well. The simple and understated california dial, contrasted nicely by the blued hands, goes well with a suit. The vintage style brown Panatime strap may be a tad too rough for dress.
Getat Luminor
Getat Luminor
This Panerai homage by Getat Watches is a 44mm titanium case model, with superlumed sterile dial and sapphire glass. The case houses an Asian 6497 gunmetal PVD'd movement (not visible) and the thick leather ammo-style strap provided by Getat is a sealskin-brown colour with beige stitching.

panerai style watches
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