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Skyline Drive: trip #3
Skyline Drive: trip #3
[CVS ISO400 negative film in a disposable camera > CVS processing > Epson V300 scanner 4800dpi cae dg 1.8 ael -3 > Gimp] ..with a GND and strong push, which is basically "fill-light" when the foreground is lightened instead of darkening the sky. I think it works better this way. Score another one for Gimp. Though this is easy to do when the sky isn't cluttered with trees and so-forth :) Well I sat here and missed shooting a nice winter sunset with my new Tamron 19-35, goofing around with these old pics...almost 50F outside and the sky is partly-cloudy. Watched it light up nicely with a purple sky and reddish clouds away from the sun but I just didn't feel like going down to the lake to take some shots. Getting a little "house-bound" :) Too many things on the plate, computer is too slow, too little time. Happy New Years. Try it tomorrow, hopefully it won't rain or be completely overcast. Or the day after, or the next long as there aren't leaves on the trees, the late-afternoon sun lasts a good long time. Or is it the "evening" sun? I don't know :) Anyway if your main interest, like mine, is taking landscape shots, sooner or later you will have shot everything of interest near your house and it takes some fantastic light to drag you out just to take shots, or you're too busy doing something to go somewhere good to catch the sunset. I know that's how I feel now. And it's not like I don't already have 5,000 shots to edit. So anyway on my list of gear to get, between the 500si and the N80, all Tamron: 17-35 F2.8 for the N80 (a stop faster & wider than the 19-35, 2x the price & the same size & wt) 28-300VC for the N80 (no need to buy ISO400-800 film) 24-135 (I want at least one of them) either for the N80 or 500si then maybe/possibly an upgrade for the 500si itself (since it's somewhat archaic and low in functionality even for an SLR) The 17-35 and 24-135 are about $200 on ebay, the 28-300 about $350. But first the SX130, especially since I don't really need the other lenses, I don't have a digital camera at the moment and I can get one for about $150 retail this week. I'm going to try to stay away from the G11 on principle, both because of the short lens and the fact that I want to try a slightly-smaller sensor with a slightly-higher MP count in a camera that should cost about $200 less and isn't supposed to be able to shoot raw. Plus the G11 is cleaner than the G9, which is really clean enough at ISO80 for landscape shooting. It doesn't need to be cleaner, it needs a wider FL range and a lower price while still supporting raw shooting, hence the SX130. So this may be my first attempt at writing a CHDK hack myself (the instructions are posted on the CHDK site) which will be instructive professionally. That's maybe $900 worth of gear altogether on top of the $300 or so that I've spent on "35mm film gear" so far. Then I'm saving for an A850. The A850 is still about $1800 on eBay. I figure that I get it, I have all the lenses that I would ever really want for it, plus a good VR superzoom, and if the A850 can't justify its cost when shooting it against that other gear that will cost half as much altogether, then c'est la vie. If it can then I might just buy a D700 and try that. Or if the D700 beats it down in price (which is just as likely) then I pick up the D700 and wait until the A850 comes down in price. The main thing is to have what I need to take good pictures and then broaden the capability of my gear at a reasonable price, instead of buying this outrageously expensive camera just to take pictures and then trying to justify the price of it. That's putting the cart before the horse. I might end up with a ton of gear this way but at least I won't have paid an arm and a leg for any of it and I will have all the gear that I could ever really need. Really I'm already past that point, just with the 500si and the Tamron 28-300 and certainly with the 19-35 added to that. The rest is just for fun. Plus as you can see above, given enough light this $50 Epson V300 turns a $7 disposable into a 80MP+ 16-bit digital camera. You want to scan 35mm film at 115,000dpi and get 10 stops of DR with virtually no noise? It'll happily do that for you. You don't like the soft corners or blurry features? Stay out of the corners and don't shoot moving subjects unless you can pan with them. But they will take good pictures if used properly...sure they get expensive to shoot as you're still looking at $5 to develop the roll but they will definitely do the job in a pinch. And that's 500 80MP 16-bit 35mm shots for the cost of a G11 and a V300 on eBay. Sure, digital cameras will always win the price war over time. But why spend so much money up front for one when you only want a handful of shots, and certainly, no one is paying you to take them in the first place? It's really hard to argue against cheap gear when it can do the job well enough and t
surprisingly accurate fake Rolex
surprisingly accurate fake Rolex
Another shot of my ONLY fake timepiece. Don't judge me, I own plenty of real timepieces. I just couldn' resist owning a fake for the novelty of it. I got it for free from a Jewelry store who confiscated it from some idiot who was trying to get it adjusted. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FAKES! Companies like Rolex and TAG have employees to pay just like anybody else. Do not support the vultures who try to profit from these fine name brands. You aren't fooling anybody when you pull up in your Honda Civic wearing a fake Yachtmaster and DG sunglasses.

buy dg watch
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