WONDERFUL NEWS: Fiver is now Registered.

       Oh my, what a stud muffin and the first of my very own line of English Angoras.  Fiver, a wide band fawn out of registered fawn buck and the lovely Godiva, chocolate doe, born 05-15-10.  He is still wearing his baby wool which is silky, dense with awesome facial and ear furnishings. Ears are tight V, nice curl and erect. Compact body. Fiver is energetic, friendly and loves to come inside and visit with the cats and dogs. He is fearless, but lots of fun!  I am so excited to include him in my breeding program with his stellar pedigree and even temperment. Planned breeding with Holly, Spring 2011.


Fiver, gorgeous, energetic, always up for food and a run in the exercise pen. He's still too young to breed, but I plan to breed him back to Godiva in late spring. Godiva needs a good break after kindling in Oct.