BMW AND SIGN PINE RABBITRIES ARE ONE AND THE SAME. My rabbits officially belong to BMW rabbitry and that's how the pedigrees read, sorry for the confusion.

KITS AND MORE KITS arriving mid Oct 2011, pedigreed quality English Angoras and Holland Lops!!!! Check out my NEST BOX page for more details.

BMW Rabbitry is home for my loving English Angora Rabbits. I am located in Eastern Virginia's middle peninsula. BMW/Sign Pine is a small home based rabbitry with only 8-10 litters a year. Rabbits in my breeding program are pedigreed, breeder/show quality, some Registered and healthy.  My goal is to produce quality agouti, chocolates, fawns and tortes. But who knows...there are so many beautiful colors! For spinners, like myself, my rabbits have beautiful crimp to their wool and are heavy wool producers. So far my favorite color for spinning is chocolate.  I am a member of ARBA
I sell both breeder/show rabbits and pet/wooler rabbits, all priced accordingly. My website is constantly updated..if you don't find what you are looking for here, email me, I may have rabbits for sale not represented here or I can refer you to other quality breeders. Thanks for visiting!  

I love all my rabbits and finding loving homes for them is of prime importance, more important than making money. I breed these lovely creatures because I want to improve the quality of all English Angoras, Holland Lops and Flemish Giants. Therefore I do reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for whatever reason. Thank you for your understanding.


                   PJ's Gentle Ben....Fawn Flemish Giant at 9 weeks.


          Chocolate Agouti                        

agouti kit..



                   Lilac Torte

Beautiful OPAL buck, he's 12 weeks old here and a keeper!!!  His name is OLIVER.


Beautiful Fiver...registered buck..his vibrant coloring is a stand out.