Baden-Baden and the Black Forest

Hedonism at its finest 



Caracalla Therme

 The Baths of Caracalla.  The baths are an indoor/outdoor wonderland of steamy pools, waterfalls, neck showers, Jacuzzis, hot springs, cold pools, lounge chairs, saunas, a caferteria, and a bar.  After taking a few laps around the fake river, join the gang in the central cauldron, a steamy "inhalation" room with a misty minium of visibility.




Black Forest

The main attraction of the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) is its scenery--and there is an abundance of scenic drives.


One can drive through the Black Forest up to Mt. Kandel and park your car at Berghotel Kandel and take a short hike to the the 4000-ft peak that over looks the area.