A site dedicated to the wonderful BMW 2000 coupé


Decided to sell my car and found a good home for it in Norway! Take good care of it Tor-Arne!
Will try to maintain the register so please send in updates.

he innovative design of the 2000 coupé by Hofmeister has both its fans and those who do not appreciate it fully.
Not a 6-cylinder, the M10 4-cylinder is a very nice engine that suits the car very well. A lot of design details can be found on later models like the Hofmeister's knick and the shark-nose like fron
I bought my 2000CS-68 in 2005 in a very good condition. So far I have fixed all electric wiring and some minor rust in wheelhouses and on trunk lid. Mechanically I have replaced clutch and renovated steering and brakes. For more details on work performed and coming, see my History page.
I use it as a week-end cruiser and try to visit BMW and classic cars meetings. It is quite comfortable and keeps up with today's traffic very well. It do receive some attention and thumbs-up on the road. Pictures page contains some photos and will updated regularly to reflect any changes and to document car meetings I attend.
The paint could need some refreshing. For the time being, I will just fix some color-mismatch after my own amateurish repairs, but later I will do a complete re-paint.
Problems, except the one I fixed, are mainly the paint and some warm-start problem that I will try to fix by renovating the carburetors (new needle valves and gaskets).
I have also started to maintain a Registry of Swedish 2000 C/CS/CA. According to Swedish authorities there were 94 registered in 2009.
Over the years I have also collected some Models of the 2000 CS, especially red ones.
If you have any comments or suggestions to what the page contains or would like to add information please contact me by e-mail.
Dan Johansson