The Story of SFØ

This is a small passage I wrote recently for a writing competition. They are apparently displaying entries in the windows of the bookshop, so I hope people see this and join:

"My story is about a vision.
It’s about the three men who strive to make this vision reality. It’s about an adventure. It’s about a place where people from all corners of the Earth can meet with a common purpose. There is a Hero and a Villain, and many others besides. It’s about the struggle to reach the top; to become the best of the best. Some will achieve the greatest honour. Others will fall at the first hurdle. Teams will be built, alliances will be made. Rivalries will fuel the activity. People compete against each other, yet depend upon each other also, for without competitors there would be no purpose.
It is a story of the delicate nature of relationships; those small things that lead to anger. It is about revenge, envy and hate, but also about friendships and respect. Without the support of others the people – the players – would not be able to survive.
The players in this place will never look at the world in the same way again. They will see new opportunities and new meanings in things that non-players take for granted. This new place, this new world, is EPIC.
My story is the story of SFZero, and there simply isn’t enough space to write it here."



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