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Performance DatePlay TitleSeriesRunning TimeActors
20090531 The Dear Departed by Stanley Houghton  27:38 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Doreen Kerr, Murray Wilson, David Cox, Jim Mills, Clare Garner, Lindsay Saunders 
20090531 The Bear by Anton Chekhov  32:21 Muray Wilson, Lindsay Saunders, David Cox 
20090531 The Hitchhiker by Lucille Fletcher   23:00 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, David Cox, Doreen Keer, Lindsay Saunders, Jim Mills, Jan Vaughan, Pam Allen, Murray Wilson 
20090628 The Boy and the Dragon  12:00 Jim Mills, Clare Garner, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, David Cox, James Craib, Coral Jocic, Anthony Clarke 
20090628 Come to the Bank Lights Out 22:55 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Pam Allen, Anthony Clarke, James Craib, Lindsay Saunders, Jim Mills, Coral Jocic, David Cox, Jan Vaughan. 
20090628 The Reluctant Dragon  31:02 Coral Jocic, Anthony Clarke, Pam Allen, Clare Garner, James Craib, Lindsay Saunders 
20090726  Three Skeleton Key  28:40 James Craib - Anthony Clarke - Bryan King - Lindsay Saunders 
20090726  Be a Good Dog Darling  35:22 Jan Vaughan - David Cox - Juliette Palmer-Frederick - Coral Jocic - James Craib - Murray Wilson 
20090830  Whence Came You  32:04 James Craib, David Cox, Bryan King, Jim Mills, Murray Wilson 
20090830 -  The TV Poisoning Boston Blackie  26:24 Jim Mills, Pam Allen, James Craib, Anthony Clarke, Lindsay Saunders, David Cox, Bryan King 
20091025  The Shop Around the Corner  28:22 Bryan King, David Cox, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Lindsay Saunders, Murray Wilson 
20091025  The House of Purple Shadows  24:15 James Craib, David Cox, Lindsay Saunders, Bryan King, Murray Wilson, Jim Mills  
20091129  Back for Christmas Christmas  28:08 James Craib, Bryan King, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, pam Allen, Wendy Craib, David Cox 
20091129  The Plot to Overthrow Christmas by Norman Cord Christmas 2 31:29 Murray Wilson, Pam Allen, James Craib, Bryan King, David Cox, Robert Peters, Richard Holz, Julie Noreen, Jan Vaughan 
20100228  Valentine Valentine 2 21:49  
20100228  The Apple Tree Valentines Day 23:40 David Cox, Murray Wilson, Roger Barber, Amanda Russell, Wendy Craib, James Craib, Julie Noreen, Bryan king, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, 
20100228  Death Takes a Holiday  11:34 James Craib, Roger Barber, Bryan King, Jane E Miller, Amanda Russell 
20100228  Valentine Valentines Day 21:49 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Roger Barber, Murray Wilson, Bryan king, Jan Vaughan 
20100228  The Apple Tree Valentine 1 23:40  
20100328  Another World ( Alter Ego )  33:30 Bryan King, Murray Wilson, Jim Mills, David cox, Jan Vaughan 
20100328  Jane Goes to a Psychiatrist Easy Aces 27:18 Jim Mills, Amanda Russell, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, David Cox, Murray Wilson, Jan Vaughan 
20100425   Mother in Law  Life of Riley 25:54 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Amanda Russell, Jan Vaughan, jim mills, Coral Jocic, Ned O'Conner, Colin Semmler, Annette Emerton 
20100425  Rocket from Manhattan  27:09 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Jim Mills, Colin Semmler, David Cox 
20100530  Jane Serves on a Jury Easy Aces 30:10 Juliette Palmer-frederick, Jim Mills, Amanda Russell, daid Cox, Colin Semmler, Jan Vaughan, Rob Quodling, Vince Petkevitch, Coral Jocic, Annette Emerton 
20100530  A Study in Wax  27:41 Colin Semmler, David Cox, Jim Mills 
20100627  Ladies in Retirement Act 2  64:51 Greg McClain, Annette Emerton, Amanda Russell, juliette Palmer-Frederick, David Cox, Coral Jocic, Jan Vaughan 
20100627  Ladies in Retirement Act 1  77:18 Greg McClain, Annette Emerton, Amanda Russell, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, David Cox, Coral Jocic, Jan Vaughan 
20100725  The Fourth Man  31:54 Wendy Craib, David Cox, Jim Mills, James Craib, Colin Semmler 
20100725  The Fur Trade Boston Blackie  27:30 Coral Jocic, James Craib, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Colin Semmler, Jim Mills, David Cox, Jan Vaughan 
20100829 Mr Sycamore by Ketti Frings  38:08 Jjm Mills, Greg McClain, David Cox, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Rob Quodling, Annette Emerton, James Carib, Jan Vaughan, Jessica Bruce, Amanda Russell. 
20100829 The Odyssey of Runyon Jones by Norman Corwin  28:14 Jessica Bruce, James Craib, Jim Mills, Greg McClain, David Cox, Jan Vaughan, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Amanda Russell, Rob Quodling, Annette Emerton Original Music by Jim Mills 
20100829 Be a Good Dog Darling by Willis Cooper Quiet Please 32:12 David cox, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Coral Jocic, James Craib, Special Guest - Rebecca Gilling 
20100926 Jane Thinks Mink Easy Aces 18:45 Wendy craib, Amanda Russell, Jim Mills, Greg McClain, Annette 
20100926 The Diamond as Big as the Ritz by F Scott Fitzgerald  30:43 Jan Vaughan, Greg McClain, James Caib, Rob Ricketson, Amanda Russell, Jim Mills 
20101031  For Business Reasons Halloween 2 32:43 Jan Vaughan, Amanda Russell, Coral Jocic, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Wendy Craib, David Cox, James Craib 
20101031 Calling All Souls Halloween 30:11  
20101031  Calling All Souls Halloween 1 30:11 Coral Jocic, David Cox, James Craib, Annette Emerton, Rob Ricketson 
20101031 For Business Reason Halloween 28:27  
20110227  Jane Takes up Astrology Easy Aces 27:45 Jim Mills, Amanda Russell, Jan Vaughan, Deidre Lassau, Rob Ricketson, Annette Emerton, James Craib 
20110227  The Postman Always Rings Twice  29:32 James Craib, Greg McClain, Annette Emerton, Colin Semmler, David Cox 
20110227 God and Lawn Care  5:05 Jim Mills, David Cox, Colin Semmler, Juliette Palmer-Frederick 
20110327  The Housekeeper Father Knows Best 25:01 Annette Emerton, Amanda Russell, James Craib , Jan Vaughan. David Cox, Rob Ricketson, Juliette Palmer-Ferederick, Greg McClain 
20110327  The Face  35:24 Jim Mills, James Craib, Amanda Russell, Greg McClain, David Cox, Jan Vaughan, Rob Ricketson, Annette Emerton 
20110424 Strange Bonfire Whitehall 1212 29:15 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, David Cox, james craib, Rob Ricketson, Colin Semmler, Coral Jocic, Jan Vaughan 
20110424 Jane gets a Loan for her Brother Easy Aces 24:38 David Cox, Colin Semmler, Wendy Craib, Amanda Russell, Coral Jocic, James Craib, Jan Vaughan, Rob Ricketson 
20110528 Jane Serves on a Jury Easy Aces 30:33 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, JimMills, David Cox, Amanda Russell, Colin Semmler, Deidre Lassau, Coral Jocic, greg McCalin, Wendy Craib, James Craib, Annette Emerton 
20110528 The Monkey's Paw by W. W. Jacobs  29:48 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, David Cox, Amanda Russell, Colin Semmler, James Craib, Greg McClain 
20110529  The Great McGinty  28:15 James Craib, David Cox, Greg McClain, Rob Ricketson, Jim Mills, Coral Jocic, Amanda Russell, Deidre Lassau, Annette Emerton 
20110529  Murder in the Casbah Sherlock Holmes - 29:27 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Jim Mills, Dvid Cox, Amanda Russell, Greg McClain, James Craib, Rob Ricketson, Chantal Beltran 
20110626 The Black Door by Robert Arthur Suspense 25:31 Jan Vaughan Greg McClain, Rob Ricketson 
20110626 Other Side of the Stars by Willis Cooper Quiet Please 28:59 Jan Vaughan, Greg McClain, Rob Ricketson, Amanda Russell 
20110731 Father Knows Best Pilot Episode Father Knows Best by Ed James 32:17 James Craib, Doug Chambers, Juliette Palmer_Frederick, Annette Emerton, DAvid Cox, Rob Ricketson, Amanda Russell, Greg McCalin, Jan Vaughan 
20110731 Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring  29:48 Amanda Russell, Greg McClain, Doug Chambers, David Cox, Annette Emerton, Deidre Lassau, Colin Semmler, James Craib, Rob Ricketson 
20110828 The Man Who Thought of Everything by E. N. Taylor  10:47 Greg McClain, Amanda Russell, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, David Cox 
20110828 Always Room at the Top  29:59 James Craib, Jan Vaughan, Annette Emerton, Amanda Russell, David Cox, Philip Hammon, Greg McClain, Deidre Lassau 
20110828 Peg O' my Heart  15:10 James Craib, Annette Emerton, David Cox 
20111030 The Voice on the Wire by Robert Sloane Inner Sanctum Mysteries 26:09 David Cox, James Craib, Annette Emerton, Greg McClain, J 
20111030 Fibber has a Happy Face by Don Quinn & Phil Leslie Fibber and Molly 24:54 Philip Hammon, Greg McClain, Annette Emerton, Jan vaughan, James Caib, Juliette Palmer-Frederick 
20120325 Episode 67 Whispering Streets 21:53 James Craib, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Desley Anderson, Amanda Russell, Jan Vaughan, David Cox 
20120325 The Rileys' First Date Life of Riley 25:34 David Cox, James Craib, Amanda Russell, David Doyle, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Rob Ricketson, Jan Vaughan 
20120325 A Sunny Morning  19:08 David Doyle, juliette palmer-Frederick, David Cox, Amanda Russell, Rob Ricketson. 
20120325 The Rileys' First date Life of Riley 25:34 David Cox, James Craib, Amanda Russell, David Doyle, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Rob Ricketson, Jan Vaughan 
20120429  The Thought  26:21 James Craib, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Desley Anderson, Amanda Russell, Jan Vaughan, David Cox 
20120429  Fibber Meets a Racketeer Fibber and Molly 23:54 David Doyle, Philip Hammon, Annette Emerton, Rob Ricketson, James Craib, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Desley Anderson, David Cox, Deidre Lassau 
20120527 Brief Encounter by Noel Coward  29:01 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Annette Emerton, Rob Ricketson, David Cox, jan Vaughan, Amanda Russell 
20120527 The Dear Departed by Stanley Houghton  27:35 Jan Vaughan, Annette Emerton, Amanda Russell, Philip Hammon, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Rob Ricketson, David Cox 
20120624 Mr Markham -Antique Dealer Suspense by John Dickson Carr 34:20 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Colin Semmler, Amandas Russell, David Doyle, Philip Hammon, Jan Vaughan 
20120624 Take a Letter Darling  28:57 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Jan Vaughan, Colin Semmler, Annette Emerton, Philip Hammon, David Doyle, Amanda Russell 
20120729 The Dweller in the Darkness  23:24 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Annette Emerton, Phhilip Hammon, Amanda Russell, Colin Semmler, David Cox, James Craib 
20120729 The Use of man  39:25 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Colin Semmler, Philip Hammon, david Doyle, Amanda Russell, david Cox, james Craib, jan Vaughan, Annette Emerton, Deidre Lassau 
20120826 The Egg and I - Act 3  18:29 Amanda Russell, Rob Ricketson, Philip Hammon, Betty Chialvo, Annette Emerton, david Cox, Jan Vaughan, David Doyle, Juliette Palmer-Frederick 
20120826 The Egg and I - Act 2  21:17 Amanda Russell, Rob Ricketson, Philip Hammon, Betty Chialvo, Annette Emerton, david Cox, Jan Vaughan, David Doyle, Juliette Palmer-Frederick 
20120826 The Egg and I - Act 1 by Betty Macdonald  19:39 Amanda Russell, Rob Ricketson, Philip Hammon, Betty Chialvo, Annette Emerton, david Cox, Jan Vaughan, David Doyle, Juliette Palmer-Frederick 
20120826  The Key  27:56 Betty Chialvo, Aanya Whitehead, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Jan Vaughan, Amanda Russell, David Cox 
20121028  Haunted House Ozzie and Harriet 26:01 Philip Hammon, Amanda Russell, Xavier walker, Arabella Walker, David Cox, Rob Ricketson, Colin Semmler, Juliete Palmer-Frederick 
20121028  Pleasure Before Business The Third Man 28:47 Jan Vaughan, Philip Hammon, Amanda Russell, Colin Semmler, Rob Ricketson 
20130331 Haunt me a House by Mary McSkiving & Ralph Hunter  32:14 Alan Cory, Philip Hammon, Amanda Russell, Colin Semmler, Patrick Leonard, Juliette Palmer-Frederick  
20130531 1813 and all That by Colin Semmler Crossing of the Blue Mountains Bicentenary 49:58 juliette palmer-Frederick, Alan Cory, Colin Semmler, James Craib, Philip Hammon, Patrick Leonard, 
20130901  Fibber Tries to Learn Piano Fibber and Molly  Philip Hammon, Annette Emerton, James Craib, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Tony Morgan, Amanda Russell, Patrick Leonard. 
20130901  The Magical Box by John Drewry   James Craib, Diana Jeffrey, Amanda Russell, Alan Cory, Tony Morgan, Patrick Leonard, Philip Hammon, Xavier Walker, Colin Semmler, Ken Bromilon 
20131030 Jane Finds a Mate for Her Mother Easy Aces 29:59 Philip Hammon, Amanda Russell, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Tony Morgan, Alan Cory 
20131030 Sorry Wrong Number Suspense 31:56 Diana Jeffrey, Annette Emerton, Philip Hammon, Alan Cory, Amanda Russell, Tony Morgan, Juliette Palmer-Frederick 
20131130 Baby Food Fibber Mcgee and Molly 26:17 Philip Hammon, Amanda Russell, Jan Vaughan, Patrick Leonard, Diana Jeffery, Alan Cory, Annette Emerton, Parick Leonard, Juliette Palmer-Frederick  
20140330 No Way Back ( VAD ) by John Drewry  37:58 Annette Emerton, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Diana Jeffrey, Amanda Russell, Tony Morgan, James Craib 
20140330 Let me Tell you about my Operation by Morton Freedgood  31:48 Tony Morgan, Annette Emerton, Alan Cory,, Diana Jeffrey, Colin Semmler, Patrick Leonard, Amanda Russell, James Craib, 
20140429 The Chinese Gong by Arch Oboler   Jan Vaughan, Colin Semmler, Amanda Russell, Annette Emerton, Frank Portelli, Alan Cory, Tony Morgan, Philip Hammon, Carol French 
20140429 No One on the Line   Tony Morgan, Angela Mansfield, Dianne Jeffrey, Alan Cory, Philip Hammon, Frank Purtelli, Colin Semmler, Annette Emerton 
20140622 Love Letters Camel Cigrarette Sponsored series, the ads are very funny in 2014 31:27 James Craib, Colon Semmler, Amanda Russell, Annette Emerton, Tony Morgan, Angela Mansfield, Juliette Palmer-Frederick 
20140622 Fibber's 50th Wedding Anniversary Fibber McGee and Molly (Jonhsons Wax) 27:47 Tony Morgan, Annette Emerton, Philip Hammon, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Angela Mansfield, James Craib, jan Vaughan, Colin Semmler 
20140727 1814 and all That Crossing of the Blue Mountains Bicentenary 49:58 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Ken Bromilow, Philip Hammon, Colin Semmler, James Craib, Annette Emerton, Amanda Russell, Tony Morgan, Frank Portelli, Andrew McDonell, Ross Yates, Patrick Leonard 
20140727 The Spoiled Darlings by Edward Barclay Crossing of the Blue Mountains Bicentenary 42:58 Philip Hammon, Annette Emerton, James Craib, Colin Semmler, Tony Morgan, juliette Palmer-Frederick, Amanda Russell, Patrick Leonard, Ken Bromilan, Angela mansfield, Jan Vaughan, Frank Portelli 
20140831 The Wills My Favourite Husband complete with Jello commercials 27:29 Colin Semmler, Amanda Russell, james Craib, Frank Portelli, Angela Mansfield, Alan Cory 
20140831 Cards Cups and Crystal Ball  38:31 Annette Emerton, Amanda Russell, Angela Mansfield, James Craib, Juliette Palmer-Frederick 
20140930 The Diary of Sophronia Winters by Lucielle Fletcher Suspense 31:38 Alan Cory, Diana jeffery, Tony Morgan 
20140930 Fibber and Doc Dine Out Fibber McGee and Molly 22:03 Philip Hammon, Juliette Palmer_Frederick, Alan Cory, Jan Vaughan, Frank Portelli,  
20141031 The Flight to Nowhere by Barry Masters  30:03 Tony Morgan, Diana Jeffery, Amanda Russell, Jan Vaughan, James Craib, Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Philip Hammon, Alan Cory, Frank Portelli  
20141031 The Halloween Story Baby Snooks ( Includes Jello Ads ) 33:15 Juliette Palmer-Frederick, Tony Morgan, Diane Jeffrey, Amanda Russell, Alan Cory, Philip Hammon, James Craib  
20141213 The Salving of Pyack Christmas Story 15:52  
20141221 Three Men Christmas Story 30:46 Alan Cory, Colin Semmler, Philip Hammon, Tony Morgan, Patrick Leonard 
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