Recent performances

Feb:   The Dark Tower • The Monkey's Paw
Mar:   Cards Cups And Crystal Ball • Whitehall 1212 - Strange Bonfire
Apr:   The House In Cypress Canyon • Thin Man - The Case Of The Goofy Groom
*May:   The Hitchhiker • The Dear Departed • The Bear
*Jun:   Come To The Bank • The Boy And The Dragon • The Reluctant Dragon
*Jul:   Be A Good Dog, Darling • Three Skeleton Key
*Aug:   Whence Came You • Boston Blackie - The TV Poisoning
Sep:   The Odyssey Of Runyon Jones • Other Side Of The Stars
*Oct:   The House Of Purple Shadows • The Shop Around The Corner
*Nov:   Back For Christmas • The Plot To Overthrow Christmas

*Feb:   The Apple Tree • Death Takes A Holiday • Valentine
*Mar:   Another World • Easy Aces - Jane Goes To A Psychiatrist
*Apr:   Rocket From Manhattan • Life Of Riley - Mother-In-Law
*May:   A Study In Wax • Easy Aces - Jane Serves On A Jury
*Jun:   Ladies In Retirement
*Jul:   The Fourth Man • Boston Blackie - The Fur Trade
*Aug:   Be A Good Dog, Darling • The Odyssey Of Runyon Jones • Mr Sycamore
*Sep:   The Diamond As Big As The Ritz • Easy Aces - Jane Thinks Mink
*Oct:   Calling All Souls • For Business Reasons
Nov:   Back For Christmas • Cards Cups And Crystal Ball

*Feb:   The Postman Always Rings Twice • Easy Aces - Jane Takes Up Astrology
*Mar:   The Face • Father Knows Best - The Housekeeper
*Apr:   Whitehall 1212 - Strange Bonfire • Easy Aces - Jane Gets A Loan For Her Brother
*May 28 (Mount Vic Flicks):   The Monkey's Paw • Easy Aces - Jane Serves On A Jury
*May 29:   Sherlock Holmes - Murder In The Casbah • The Great McGinty
*Jun:   Other Side Of The Stars • The Black Door
*Jul:  Arsenic And Old Lace • Father Knows Best - Pilot Episode
*Aug:  Always Room At The Top • Peg O' My Heart • The Man Who Thought Of Everything
Sep:  Three Skeleton Key • Fibber McGee And Molly - Fibber Needs Glasses
*Oct:  The Voice On The Wire • Fibber McGee And Molly - Fibber Looks Happy
Nov:  Back For Christmas • Easy Aces - Jane Goes Into The Christmas Card Business

Feb 5 (Scenic World):  Valentine • The Man Who Thought Of Everything • Easy Aces - Jane Goes To A Psychiatrist
Feb 26:  Sorry, Wrong Number • Easy Aces - Jane Finds A Mate For Her Mother
*Mar:  A Sunny Morning • Whispering Streets - Episode 67 • The Life Of Riley - The Rileys' First Date
*Apr:  The Thought • Fibber McGee and Molly - Fibber Meets A Racketeer
May:  Brief Encounter • The Dear Departed
Jun:  Mr Markham, Antique Dealer • Take A Letter, Darling
Jul:  The Dweller In The Darkness • The Use Of Man
Aug:  The Key • The Egg And I
Sep:  Ann Was an Ordinary Girl + Valentine • Father Knows Best - Aunt Martha and the Ball Game
Oct:  The Third Man - Pleasure Before Business • Ozzie and Harriet - Haunted House
Nov:  The Locked Room Mystery • The Third Saturday in Advent

Feb.24: Diamond As Big As The Ritz- Easy Aces-Jane Goes into the Christmas Card Business.
Mar.31: Letter to Three Wives.- Haunt Me A House.
Apr 28: Pinocchio-  Life of Riley- The Lawnmower Company.
May25: Mt.Vic Flicks, Bicentennial Event, The Lost Special - 1813 and All That.
May26: The Lost Special - 1813 and All That.
Jun.30: Historical Society Bicentennial Event- The Sun in Exile - Fibber Magee & Molly,"The Tall Story Competition."
Jul.28: Sherlock Holmes,The Problem of Thor Bridge - The Screaming Woman - The Bad Man.
Aug25: The Magical Box by John Drewry, a New Play - Fibber Tries to learn Piano.

Feb.23: Diamond as big as the Ritz, The Man who thought of Everything, Valentine
Mar.30: Let me tell you about my operation, No Way Back.
Apr.27: No one on the Line, The Chinese Gong.  In April 2014 we commenced using Powerpoint as a Sound effect platform and a behringer mixing desk.
May:  The Hangman Won't Wait
June 29: Fibber McGee, 50th Wedding Anniversary, Love letters.
July 27: 1814 and all that, The Spoiled Darlings
Aug.31: Cards Cups and Crystal,  My Favourite husband - "The Wills"
Sept     1814 and all that; Diary of Sophoronia Winters
Oct. 26: Baby Snooks - Halloween, Flight to Nowhere.
Nov. 30: Gift of the Magi, Third Saturday in Advent
Dec    The Salving of Pyack; Third Saturday in Advent

Feb.22: The Great McGinty- Fibber Gets Stuck in Fresh Tar
Mar.29 The ABC Murders- Blondie & Dagwood.
Apr.26  1915- Love Letters
May 21  Princess O'Hara--A Gift for a King by Barry Masters (one of our players)
Jun. 28  The Clerk by Barry Moray (One of our players) Comedy of Danger/ Finger of God
Jul. 26   A Letter to 3 Wives-- Jane Thinks Mink
Aug.30 A Harbour Called Mulberry.. BBC 1949
Sept. 27  Snow Goose adapted by Barry Masters -- Jane's Mother Comes to Visit
Oct. 25  1915 --
Nov. 29  The Rabbit Catcher by Ludwig Bechstein adapted for Radio by Barry Masters &
               The 12 days of Christmas, "Letters Of Thanks"

Feb. 28  Fibber and the Abandoned Jalopy - My Client Curley
Mar. 27  The Bishop's Wife - Betty's Marital Problems
Apr. 24  Carmilla - The House by the Sea by Barry Masters
May 29  Sherlock Holmes; The Adventure of the Tolling Bell - Jane Goes to a Psychiatrist
Jun. 26  The Dweller in the Darkness - Always Room at the Top
Jul. 31   A Doll called Lulu ; Musgrave Ritual
Aug. 28 Arsenic and Old Lace
Sept. 25
Oct. 30 The Devil in the Summerhouse - Mrs. Moonlight
 Nov. 27 Plot to Overthrow Christmas - Jane Serves on a Jury

Feb     The Saint - No Hiding Place
Mar      My Favourite husband - Vacation Time; That Thing in the Window
Apr       Kaleidoscope; Sam Spade _ Flopsy Mopsy Cottontail Caper
May      Runyon Jones;  72 hours
Jun        A Study in Wax; Zero Hour
Jul         Brief Encounter; Nobody Loves Me
Aug 27  Fibber McGee and Molly - The Night Before Christmas  - Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
Sep 24th  Fibber McGeee and Molly - Fibber has a Happy Face  & Suspense - Cabin B13
Oct    Stranger in the House; Furnished Floor  In October 2017 we commenced using a Zoom R16 mixing desk and solid state recorder. this enabled us to go to 6 microphones and stereo sound effects.
Nov    Baby Snooks and Daddy;  In November 2017 we commenced using Sound Control Systems SCS as a platform for sound effects - a fully programmable sequence event controller.

Jan      A Gift for the King;
Feb     Mr Markham Antique Dealer;   Philip Marlow - Pleasure before Business
Mar    The Pusscat and the Expert Plumber;  Bottoms Up
April    At the Bookshop;    Dracula
May    Life with Luigi;   Philip Marlow - Red Wind
June    Calling all Souls; Fibber - Washingtons Birtthday; The Pope and Mick
July     Jane Visits the Psychiatrist ;   Medical File episode 25 
Aug    Johnny Dollar - The Midnight Sun Matter;   Soup and Savory
Sept    A Flight to Nowhere;  The Burning Court
Oct    Madame Curie; Sam Spade - Jane Doe Caper
Nov     A Christmas Carol;   Just a Little Christmas;  The Artists

Feb    Strange Bonfire;  Sunny Morning
Mar    Death on the Tablelands;   Evening Primrose   These two plays are currently available on  Search for BM Radio Players
Apr    The Man who Thought of Everything; Digger Smith -  From the Sentimental Bloke
May    The Man Who Knew How;  Joan gets a Loan for Her Brother
June    Alice in Wonderland

* These performances are available on CD