Introduction to Biomedical Optics & Instrumentation Laboratory

Welcome to the Biomedical Optics & Instrumentation Laboratory in Mechanical Engineering and Integrative Biosciences and Biotechnology (IBB) of POSTECH, Korea. 

This laboratory develops new optical instruments to address challenges in biology and medicine by using basic science and engineering disciplines. Specifically we work on advanced two-photon microscopy and optical coherence tomography (OCT) which can image tissue deeper and faster with better contrast, targeting both basic biological study such as immunology, neurology, cancer biology, and clinical diagnosis and therapy.  

Overview of core technology

Introduction to optical imaging

Imaging is one of key technology to study biomedical systems which are usually complex.  Imaging allows to see and understand the system.  Here is a list of optical imaging technologies currently used in biomedical study.

Optical imaging is advantageous to image in vivo systems with a high spatial resolution and various contrast mechanisms.  One good example is microscopy used in biology laboratory to look at live cells. Optical imaging technology has made a big advance recently and allows to see what could not be seen before. 

Major research fields

1. Two-photon microscopy and nonlinear microscopy

• In vivo cellular imaging within tissue
• Biological study such as neurology, immunology, cancer biology

2. Optical coherence tomography

• 3D imaging technology based on light reflection within tissue (similar to ultrasound imaging)
• Non-invasive high resolution imaging
• Clinical study such as diagnosis and monitoring therapy

3. On-going projects

• High-speed two-photon microscopy + Doppler optical coherence tomography
• Deep tissue imaging and intrinsic fluorescence based imaging with OPA laser
• Hand-held two-photon imaging probe
• High-resolution STED (stimulated emission depletion) microscopy
• Multi-functional optical coherence tomography
• Endoscopic OCT probe
• High-speed two-photon fabrication
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