One day at Avoylles Cafe in downtown Baton Rouge,  David, Sean and I had met Robin, Max, and Kathy  for lunch.   We were all sitting at a large table near the front window when the mayor of Baton Rouge, Kip Holden,  walked inside....  

In no time, he had spotted Max and moved in...  He then shifted into kid-speak and said something to the effect of "Hey little guy, whatcha eatin'? "  Max responded with a somber "salad."   Kip was not deterred.. he continued "ooh... ooh... salad.... (in a raised voice...)  Can I have some salad???"   

Max's response was simple, and to the point.    "No." 

-September 2005 

Max's Uncle Dan later pointed out:

He won't have a choice about sharing with politicians when he is older.  I think Max is quite wise to refuse while he still can.

Max's Maw Maw Sandy said: 

 I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!     Max already has it figured out!!!  hmmm Mayor Maxwell Mooney....Governor Maxwell Mooney.....Senator Maxwell Mooney.....President Maxwell Mooney....all sound authoritative!!!