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 Contour Game (With Levels by Max) 

Cannons Game (With Max Mode)

Max's First Loose Tooth (now lost!!!)

Letter relating to loose tooth Max left for Maw Maw Bug

Mentos and Diet Coke at LSU's "Discoveries with Dad" day 2009- The grand finale from "Discoveries with Dad" at Max's School

Scooby Doo and the Witch and his Ghosts - A new story by Max!

Max's Seek and Find Searches!   (All 12 now posted)

New Max Memory: Max's Motto

New Max Memory: "Well, okay!" - Featuring Hannah

 Max Mottos (as of 4/26/09):

"Love big, not small"


 "Wash yourself every Sunday and Wednesday"

"If you're in a fight, stop the fight!"

Cool Videos Max Likes! 

Polliwog in a Bog


Cool Games Max Likes!

Sean's Games

(Contour even features levels by Max!)

Falling Sand

Powder Game