MaxMemories... Chocolate Milk

 Max Meories Volume 2: Chocolate Milk - 3/6/06 



At a recent trip to Harringtons (the same trip referenced in the invisible cow story, as a  matter of fact), Max was approached by the ower of the restaurant.  In an attempt to make conversation, Maw Maw bug asked Max to tell the owner where he was going next... 

Instead of telling him that he was going to Coffee Call, Max instead said "Get chocolate milk," which was what he was looking forward to doing at Coffee Call...  Maw Maw Bug then replied, "Max, but  where are you going to get the Chocolate Milk?"

Enterprising Maxwell paused for a moment... then looked up at the owner of Harringtons and replied... "Here?"

Nice try, Max! :)

 Incidentally, Max's favorite color is Brown... why?  Because chocolate milk is brown (or so he replies when asked).