Imaginary Cows...      ...or are they real, yet invisible???

                                      Max Meories Volume 1: Imaginary Cows - 3/6/06 

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Recently, Max's favorite toy has been the imaginary cow...  It all started in Harringtons with his "Uncle" Davey...  Who handed him some invisible chocolate milk...   I'm not sure how it transformed, but by the end of the meal, Max was tossing invisible cows all over the place...

The cows... they are mostly Green,  although occationally a brown, pink, purple or red one shows up...

He has tossed them through open and closed windows and basketball goals, fed them to our Chinese good luck cats, buried them, splatted them in my hair, and slid them under our couch...

 His  Maw Maw Bug recounts a recent car ride: 

"When he was with us we ran out of places to store them -- in the sunglasses holder in the car, behind the pull-out mirror, in our pockets, ears, noses -- We threw some out the window -- carefully.  It was a trip."

 Sure hope his imagination sticks with him...  Life is so much more interesting with creativity for fuel!


-Brian  (Dad)