"Well, Okay!"

 Max Meories Volume 9: "Well, Okay" - 4/26/09 

Last week, I visited Max's class to do a few science experiments... After 4 demonstrations of 3 projects involving black lights, dry ice, smoke, foam, and a lot of fun, Max helped clean up...

While waiting for Max to be dismissed for the day, Robin and I were walking near a table with one of Max's classmates, Hannah.   She, knowing we were Max's parents, then said to us, "Max says that he is going to marry me when we grow up."    (Which Max has also told us many times).  

 We then asked Hannah,  "Well, what did you say to that?" 

She said... "Maybe..." and shrugged her shoulders...

Max then walked up to her and whispered loudly into her ear: "Say yes, just say yes!"

To that, Hannah exclaimed without delay, "Well, okay!" and the biggest smile imaginable spread across her face!

(Isn't a verbal contract binding in Louisiana?)

(Max and Hannah on a field trip)