No Risk Pre-Registration

Why should you use no risk pre-registration?

  1. Save $5 per person
  2. Speed through the registration process
  3. Means the race director can watch the race instead of spending it inside typing
  4. Ensures your name is spelled right
  5. There is no risk! If the weather stinks or you can't find child care, just don't come and you are out nothing because you pay nothing until race day.

How's it work?

  1. Request a copy of the pre-registration Excel file from the Race Director
  2. Save the file on your computer under a new name
  3. Open the Excel file and fill in all the sections; boat type and class plus the names and contact info for all team members and then save the file.
  4. Email the completed file to race director by 6PM Friday July 24th
  5. On race day all team members will sign the waiver and their entry fees will be collected
  6. If there are no changes everyone on the team saves $5