Benoit Mignolet, Ph.D.

FNRS Postdoctoral Researcher (
Chargé de recherches)
Theoretical Physical Chemistry lab of Prof. F. Remacle 
University of Liège

Laboratoire de chimie physique théorique
Allée du six Août, 11 (B6c)
4000 Liège

Research interests:
Excited-state nonadiabatic dynamics 
  Attochemistry: ultrafast electron-nuclear dynamics triggered by attopulses in molecules 
Photoionization and molecular frame photoelectron angular distributions

  "Dynamique moléculaire et photochimie"

News and recent publications:
Where Ion Mobility and Molecular Dynamics Meet To Unravel the (Un)Folding Mechanisms of an Oligorotaxane Molecular Switch
E. Hanozin, B. Mignolet, D. Morsa, D. Sluysmans, A.-S. Duwez, J.F. Stoddart, F. Remacle, E. De Pauw, ACS Nano201711 (10), pp 10253–10263

Ultrafast 25-fs relaxation in highly excited states of methyl azide mediated by strong nonadiabatic coupling
W.K. Peters, D.E. Couch, B. Mignolet, X. Shi, Q.L. Nguyen, R.C. Fortenberry, H.B. Schlegel, F. Remacle, H.C. Kapteyn, M.M. Murnane, W. Li,  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2017, 114, 11072-E11081.

 XFAIMS—eXternal Field Ab Initio Multiple Spawning for electron-nuclear dynamics triggered by short laser pulses
B. Mignolet, B.F.E. Curchod, T.J. Martínez, The journal of chemical physics, 2016, 145, 191104.

Rich Athermal Ground-State Chemistry Triggered by Dynamics through a Conical Intersection
B. Mignolet, B.F.E. Curchod, T.J. Martínez, Angewandte Chemie, 2016, 55, 14993