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This site is a resource site for students.  It will include assignments, rubrics, technical information, ideas and tips, curriculum and grading information. Everything you need to know about Mr. Lew's Battle Mountain High School classes will be on this site.

Mr. Lew's Educational Philosophy

The role of the 21st century teacher is an exciting change from traditional teaching methods of the past.

With so much information readily available to anyone the skills of digital literacy, critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative learning are a must for every student.




This site will be used for the following Programs: Industrial TechnologyBusiness, & Fine Art.
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Video production as a class enables the development of media literacy, higher order thinking skills, project based learning experiences, real world relevancy experiences, and a deeper connection to subjects being explored. But while all this is essential, it represents only half of the potential of offering video production as a class. The other half to all the skills and experiences being developed is the experience that students receive in communicating their own original ideas to others, and in listening to others communicate their ideas to them. It’s that speaking and listening thing.