English Courses

Responsible person for English courses: Annamária Décsei-Paróczi

BSc in Mechanical Engineering (2NAAG0)

1st semester

  • BMEGERIA31I Information Systems
    • Hungarian name: Informatikai rendszerek
    • Datasheet
    • prerequisite of BMEGERIA32P Software Engineering

2nd semester

  • BMEGERIA32P Software Engineering

3rd semester

  • BMEGEMIAMG1 Measurement Technology

4th semester

  • BMEGERIAGE1 Control Engineering
    • Hungarian name: Irányítástechnika
    • Datasheet

MSc in Mechanical Engineering Modelling (2N-MW0)

1st autumn semester (2)

  • BMEGEMIMW01 Advanced Control and Informatics
    • Hungarian name: Irányítástechnika és informatika
    • New code: BMEGEMWAC (from 2019-09-01)
    • Datasheet