U-Pick Blueberries  ---  2020

             Address:    17403 S.E. 244th Pl. Kent, WA  98042                                                   (acre of blueberries beside our house)                                                          

             2020 Season: U-Pick this year, do to Covid,  will be by                                      appointment only                                                                                See  "Message Alert"  below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

When you turn on to 244th  Place, go past the third speed bump and our gate is immediately on your right.

Message Alert:  Sept. 5, 2020--  U-Pick is by appointment this year  

      No more appointments available beyond current waiting list (season winding down)

In early June, I was contacted by a family (who've picked here many years), who asked about leasing the entire berry crop.   Given the potential complications with Covid-19 , and the uncertainties in trying to do normal U-Pick,  I signed a contract to lease the crop this year to BnB Berries.   U-pick is by appointment, to enable following Covid-19 guidelines as to the number of people in the patch at any one time.  Picked berry sales are also available.

             The downside of all this,  I will truly miss connecting again this year with the many friendships  I've made, and consistently enjoyed, over the past years. 

                              Contact information for  BnB Berries:

                                    text/call Jennifer 206-669-6306                                               

  To place picked orders, please visit   https://www.facebook.com/pg/BnBBerries,  send an email to BnBberries@gmail.com, or text 206-669-6306.  

 Follow BnBberries on Facebook to stay up to date on the season. 

(all info below, relevant to 2019 season, is up to the discretion & interpretation of BnBberries)                                                                                                                                                                      

Please read  sections below regarding  injury,  children, and  row assignment

Normal hours:   2019  ---  check  Alerts above for temporary changes    

    Mon, Wed,  Fri, Sat   mornings  (9:00 to 1:00 ),  Sun, Tues, Thur  evenings (3:00 to 8:00)

 I may be closed sometimes on any of these days to allow for more ripening, rain, medical appointments, etc., --- so check  message alert above  each time before coming.             

       (Please call if you would like to schedule a group, or request to come at off-hours)

  IMPORTANT  -- Please Read Before Coming                           

  •  Injury:                     

    Visiting our patch is strictly at your own risk and peril  (commercial liability insurance  costs more than I make).  Personal injury is certainly possible and must be handled by your own insurance (or covered by yourself if you do not have insurance).  I try my best to keep things totally safe, but there are inherent hazards For example, you can scratch your face, poke your eye on a branch, trip over a stick or rock, sprain your ankle on uneven ground,  get stung by a wasp (or get sick from eating too many berries instead of putting them in your bucket). If you are not totally comfortable in covering your own risk, this is not the patch for you --  do not come.

  • Park only on our side of the street on the grass strip. Please do not turn around in my neighbors' driveways. Go east past our property to the street intersection. Lots of room to turn around there.
  • Don't forget to bring Boxes for your berries.

Children:  welcome if they actually pick, and stay with you at your bush. Cruising around bothers other people, is unsafe, knocks off berries, and is a no-no. They're welcome to play in our back yard.  Some kids really like to pick, while others simply do not, and are bored (doesn't mean they're bad kids).  Please consider this seriously when deciding whether or not to bring them. There are other patches better equipped for giving your little ones the fun experience of running around picking a few berries.

Row assignment:  If  I’m not visible upon your arrival, please ring the bell on the table. Then select a picking canister to hang from your neck, and a blue bucket to dump into. Then please wait for your picking row assignment. This is the only way the entire field can get picked in an organized manner.   And please stay on your assigned row, and pick  all of the ripe berries on a bush before moving to the next bush --  yes, small ones too (this is for your own protection, septuagenarians can get really ugly on a bad day).  Missed berries get over-ripe by the next time through, invite bug infestation, and create a mess for the next picking.  When picking with your hand above your shoulder your hand is tilted upward, so vow to never grab more than 4 berries above your shoulder, at most, before returning them to the container --  hard to resist, I know, but you will drop a lot fewer berries this way and it's faster than picking them up off the ground (which all good berry pickers do - I irrigate with drinking water).  Sometimes when picking above your shoulder, it's best to just hold your picking container up under the cluster, and pluck the berries into the container with the other hand.  If you finish your row,  please don't wander,  look me up so I can assign you another row (the customer is always right, of course, but they may be invited to celebrate victory  at some other patch).

    Bob Megraw