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The Course at a Glance:

ECTS credits: 10.0

Teaching language: English

Course offered (semester): Fall + Spring (the course will be held when at least two students apply)


- Introduction to modelling, MRI and image processing [Lec 1]
- Water diffusion and diffusion tensor MR Imaging (MR-DTI) [Lec 2 / 3]
- Blood perfusion and dynamic susceptibility contrast MR imaging (DSC-MRI) [Lec 4 / 5]
- Vascular permeability and T1-weighted dynamic contrast enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) [Lec 6]
- Structural and functional brain connectivity using multimodal recordings [Lec 7]
- Special topic (e.g. Introduction to systems biology; Consciousness, resting state fMRI, and neurodynamics) [Lec 8]

Demonstrations / computer labs:

- Image processing in MATLAB and PYTHON [Lab 1]
- Multispectral imaging and tissue classification (machine learning) [Lab 2]
- Processing of diffusion tensor MR imaging data [Lab 3]
- Processing of dynamic susceptibility contrast MR images (DSC-MRI) [Lab 4]
- Vascular permeability mapping and Dynamic T1-weighted Contrast Enhanced MRI [Lab 5]
- Estimation and visualization of structural and functional brain connectivity [Lab 6]
E-learning: modules (beta!) by AkademiX

Prerequisites: The same as the entrance-requirements for the Master's Programme in Biomedical Sciences, also listed as available course in the Norwegian Research School in Medical Imaging (MedIm).

Recommended previous knowledgeParts of courses in general human physiology dealing with diffusion, perfusion and microcirculation. Basic course in brain anatomy and neurophysiology, and in molecular and cell biology. Some background and interest in mathematics (e.g. calculus & linear algebra) and some experience with using computers in biomedical applications (e.g. statistical packages, signal processing, etc.). 

Access to a computer with MATLAB / Image Processing Toolbox installed, in addition to Python / Anaconda.

Assessment / final exam:

Oral presentation of personal project (20 min. + 5 min. discussion)  GradingA, ..., F    + MC/quiz (pass / no pass)

Course CoordinatorArvid Lundervold, Department of Biomedicine, Neuroscience Research Group  -  Studieseksjonen. Tel: (+47) 55 58 64 40


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