About Us

Abbreviated BME, is a company engaged in the construction of shipbuilding, specifically in the field of carpentry and insulation

Began dabbling in the arena of shipbuilding since 2003, with a business entity called CV. SUKSES JAYA ABADI (SJA), in 2006 formed a new company named PT. BATAM MARINDO ENGINEERING (BME), BME in 2009 has been running, since it has a lot of ships that have been built,
some of the shipyard have been using the services for new ship building and repair and maintenance, specifically for the field of Carpentry and isulation which is a field of expert
Such as: ASL Shipyard Indonesia, BATAMEC (subcont of PT. MAPL / MARINE ACOMM Pte. Ltd), BANDAR ABADI,  BANDAR VICTORY,  USJ (USDA Seroja Jaya),  KSSB (Karya Sindo Samudera Biru),  Marcopolo, and still many others, everything is located on of Batam island - Indonesia

    Able to work on Carpenter and Insulation Overall, Upon request,
From TUG BOAT to Cruise,
Being able to compete with companies that have

The end result is a Priority

    have the support of management, experts, Supplier, Transportation, and labor are protected by labor protection (making them full responsibility in their work)

    Carpenter (walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, Toilet, Bathroom, Kitchen, and others)
Insulation (to walls, the pipes, the wind channel, and others)

    In 2011, we completed the 112 ships, mostly located improvements in PT. ASL Shipyard Indonesia, The rest in the other Shipyard

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Able because it has a leader who has the ability to field
Accommodation, Flooring, Wall, Ceiling,
Toilet- Module, Doors, Windows, etc ...
Wall Insulation, Deck Head Insulaton, Piping Insulation,
Exhaust Insulation, 
etc ...

-  have an adequate place to work,
when work can not be done on 
The boat
-  Have a place to make any accommodation needs,
like Furniture, Sofa, Double/Single Bunk, Wardrobe ..
- Able to Generate Power has something with satisfactory results

Accept to New Building, Repair, Renew Ship